Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Few Projects with the Boys

I mentioned this project in my Seven Quick Takes post a week ago, but here is our final product.
Ten beards, two drawings and a letter from the boys to a specific soldier.  It's part of a bigger package being put together elsewhere, and it was so fun to help with.

We also made a little banana bread from a couple of almost-too-old bananas.

^^so fresh the steam is coming off the first slice.

While, we were originally going to go with this recipe (which has yet to disappoint), we decided on chocolate the last minute.  Certainly a good choice!  Carter was in charge of dumping all of the ingredients in the bowl, and Peter got the task of stirring.  Their finished product has not lasted long!  


  1. Mmmmm.....2 of my favorites! Glad you are keeping those boys busy :)

  2. The notes are the cutest thing that I've ever seen!! Oh my gosh--the soldiers are gonna love them!! And that bread looks AMAZING!


  3. What a wonderful project-- it is so neat that you are getting the boys involved in serving others at such a young age. This will affect them the rest of their lives. Love you all so much!

  4. I think that banana bread is one of the most amazing, delicious sweet breads. When I smell a banana bread cooking in my oven, it just always makes my house feel that much more like home. :) Yours sounds delish!!