Monday, September 9, 2013


Sometimes it is fun to discover things you forgot you had.  My mom got me these shoes when I was working in DC.  
 I found them in a shoe bin in our basement last week.  So, I threw them on this morning and thought...
 might be a fun time to try a dark red lipstick for the Fall (need to blend better next time!).

 This is the rest of the outfit.
 ^^^skinny jeans from Francesca's (shoes look much darker in the shade)
 ^^^an old sweater from Banana
 ^^^glasses from Lookmatic
 ^^^and a tee from Madewell
Warm enough for the cooler mornings, and easy to accommodate the still-warm afternoons.

Fall is coming!


  1. Love them! And I love that you dress so cute even around the house. If I'm at home, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll have on a t-shirt and shorts. And at least one of them will have holes in it. Maybe both.


  2. I LOVE stripes, so I'm totally loving your outfit! :) AND I just bought my first ever pair of red flats, and this post made me want to wear them soon!!

  3. Love love love love lovin' it! You look so great!


  4. I just love this ensemble! (For the record: I reallyreallyreally wanted to write that in all caps but restrained myself. So I don't seem too shouty