Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sundays Around Here

We're are a family of Saturday night Church-goers.  It just works for us.  So, that leaves Sunday completely free and usually immediate family-centered.  

We are creatures of habit.  Carter will say the exact same thing, at the exact same time when he is watching a movie.  He also has a whole litany of things he must say before he goes to bed.  If he isn't drinking out of the blue cup or sitting at "his" stool, chaos ensues.  However, he comes by it honestly.  

We have a Sunday tradition. It involves sleeping in until 7, kid willing.  Then Jeremy makes pancakes while I make the Dutch honey syrup (if you try it, you'll be forever ruined).  We eat breakfast and then usually go for a stroll up our dirt road a little over a mile.

Jeremy then typically takes the boys to his shop to pound a few nails or something similar while John Paul naps and I do things around the house.

Then we have nachos for lunch (seriously, it's a complete junk food day).  After that, the boys nap and Jeremy and I watch a movie complete with popcorn and M&Ms or do individual hobbies for an hour or so.
The post-nap afternoon/early evening is filled with fun outside and some kind of dinner and laziness. This weekend it included us picking these...
Any ideas on what to do with them?

Sometimes we get a visit from the grandparents, and it makes our day even better.

We don't have any set plans, and that's how we like it.  We're trying to focus on making it even more of a day of rest.  We're a work in progress.  

I hope your Sundays are rejuvenating and full of life!


  1. What yummy carrots! They look too good to cook - how about putting them in a salad, maybe with fresh corn kernels, cucumbers, cheese and chicken? Or you could pickle them with some other things, say onions and chayote.

  2. What a perfect Sunday! Lovely traditions. And carrots. Lovely carrots. :)