Friday, September 27, 2013

Angel Biscuits

My husband gets a magazine called Western Horseman.  Every month there is a recipe in it, and usually it is something you might find around a campfire.  This month there was a recipe for a hearty soup called Hodge Podge (much like taco soup) and Angel Flake Biscuits.  I think I have made biscuits from scratch once in my life.  So, I thought I'd give it a go.  

I cannot find a link to the magazine's recipe, so here is a similar one.  

While decent, this recipe made me realize how bad I am at looking at ingredients and realizing what something will taste like (ie, the texture).  I am a Cracker Barrel biscuit kind of girl.  I don't like them really airy, nor do I like them to have much sweetness.  These weren't bad, but they definitely weren't my favorite biscuit (might remind you of the Sister Schubert rolls).

However, with some leftover dough, I added a few cinnamon chips and a bit of cinnamon sugar mixture on top, and now I might be a fan!
Moral of the story: I had to try about five biscuits to make sure they weren't my favorite.  Have a great weekend, and make yourself a biscuit!


  1. I appreciate someone thorough enough to eat 5 biscuits to be sure they're not her favorite. ;) I've never heard of cinnamon chips--I'm intrigued!


  2. Wow - cinnamon chips? Never heard of them, but I'd sure like to get my hands on some!