Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday's Thoughts and Links

It's snowing outside.  We just got in from a morning of checking cows.  And, I cannot feel my feet. Darn Hunter boots!  I mean, they're great at being waterproof and TERRIBLE at being warm.  I'm playing catch up with the blog today, so get ready for a whole lot of random!

I don't think I ever posted some of these pictures and wanted to, so here's a flash back to a few weeks ago...

This girl and I are having so much fun together.  I think I may kiss her a bit too much, but oh well.

I love stationary.  Especially letterpress.  This (although a different letter) is my new favorite.

Have you seen the new Jcrew stuff?  I love so much of it, but especially this blazer.  Cute for Spring, huh?!  Especially with these shoes my sister sent (yes, she's the best)!

Ever heard of Love Tatum?  I hadn't (which doesn't mean anything), but my mother-in-law sent these for my bday, and I love them!  I love studs, and these are such a pretty color!  

Since it's been so cold, we've been inside a lot (much like the rest of you), and these Picasso tiles have been incredible!  They even keep me entertained!
Okay, I know I put it on Instagram about a week ago, but this skillet cookie is to.die.for.  My cousin made it for me as a special post-bday treat, and my hubs and I have made it sense then!  The Pioneer Woman does it again!
How's your Lent been going?  Mine always starts out roughly (I just feel like the Devil is on all sides trying to tear me down) - not so much in the what I gave up, but in trying to be a better person.  But, it's better now, and I've so been loving my Blessed is She Journal, Father Barron Lent Reflections and finally reading Introduction to the Devout Life (so, so good)!  

This coffee...makes for a great afternoon pick-me-up.  I miss Texas and HEB!

And, we've been watching State of Affairs.  Anyone else?  Love the speed and intensity of it.  I'm kind of partial to things like it, Madam Secretary and Blacklist.  

That's all for now - have the best weekend!

I'm linking up with Kelly and her 7 quick takes (but I have about 7 x 2), too - so check her out.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

8/52: Slacking

I've been a slacker lately and haven't posted much.  But, we've been doing a few things...painting, making cupcakes, staying inside, visiting people...just life.  I did manage to get a few pictures of the kids and hope to blog a bit more in the next few days.  

Carter // 4 - learning how to crack an egg.
Peter // 3 - in a stage where he likes to mark everything with a "P" (I drew the big one)

John Paul // 2 - Oh just chomping on a beef stick.
Sophie // 8 months - I have a ton of her smiling in this giant bathtub, but I thought this one was cute. She's been loving a bath in Mommy's tub. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

A Few of my Professional Photos from Lately

I've been doing a little photography here and there.  Last month I was able to shoot a wedding and a newborn session.  I still have so much to learn, but it's fun!  I'm working on a website right now, but it's it's up, I thought I'd give you a peek at some of the photos...

The newborn...

Hopefully I'll get a website up soon :)  Have the best day!

Friday, February 20, 2015

7/52: Being Sick

Poor kids.  I feel like they've been sick for weeks.  A couple of them got sick the night before my surgery, and it's lingered on and on, and even made a second round in Carter.  A bronchial infection, complete with wheezing and a yucky cough/congestion.  BUT, we've got great meds and the kids are on the mend!  However, I'm not the biggest fan of what the steroids do to's a little crazy around here.

Sophie // 8 months - with her little bunny
John Paul // 2 - Always being a goofball
Peter // 3 - didn't want a picture this week.
Carter // 4 - creating a hanger full of airplanes.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Boy and His Horses

Two of the kids are huge animal lovers.  Peter loves dogs most, and John Paul loves horses.  Carter is kind to animals but doesn't really pay them much attention.  Sophie...well, who knows!  

Another one of the days at Papa and Elley's, we spent with the animals.  Carter was on the lookout for any new animals to be seen.  This particular moment he got Elley's binos out to try to locate a woodpecker he could hear.  We never found him.  

So, we went to feed the dogs.

Here's Chub...the latest addition to the dogs there.
Carter loves to help, and I'm taking in every moment of this stage!
When the rest of the boys woke up from naps, the horses just happened to be hanging out right by the fence.  

Here's Sugarfoot...the boys' horse.  He hasn't been ridden by them yet, but maybe this summer!

John Paul couldn't get enough.

This is of Daddy's horses.

And here's Peter petting Papa's horse.

I love that the kids are able to grow up around animals.  I feel it lessens fears of them sometimes, but also, in the right environment,  we're able to teach them to have a healthy respect for them, too.  Just another day on the ranch!  I'm guest posting today at Whole Parenting Family - talking more about the life we lead.  Head over to Nell's place and show her some love!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sophie: 8 months

Another month gone by.  A third of a year from one.  My goodness.  Our sweet Sophie is the light of our lives (haha, I don't know how many times I've said that about our babies...this probably won't be the last either).  
 think I'll do this month in black and white just for a change, and here we go with the baby book stats...

She has two teeth!
She's sleeping from about 6:30 pm to 6:45 am.

She looooves to eat.  She has an 8 oz bottle morning and night, and 1-2 more partial bottles, 2 big containers of baby food and her favorite...mummums (she can actually say that word).  

She's in 9-12 month clothes, and I have no clue what she weighs or how tall she is!

She's crawling everywhere, stealing toys and just being happy.  I think she's said both dadada and mamama.  

She stayed with my mom by herself for a day, and when she got home, all three boys surrounded her, squealing for five minutes.  They adore her.
We just can't get enough (as is obvious from the picture overload).