Thursday, February 12, 2015

6/52: A Sunday Morning

I haven't taken many photos this week.  These were taken the morning of my birthday.  Jeremy took the boys to his little shop to put some tools in his truck, and I stayed back to give Sophie a little snack.

Carter // 4 - Working on reloading some shells.

Peter // 3 - Making sure all of Daddy's shop machines worked.
John Paul // 2 - Never letting his "wenches" leave his side.

Sophie // 7 months - Snackin'


  1. <3, but you already knew that :)

  2. Your boys must be in LOVE with that shop! I know mine would never want to leave.

  3. My experience is that boys don't have as much attention span as girls for crafts ;-) I remember the birthday parties I held for both my son and daughter when they were little. My daughter and her girl friends could easily be making cookies for a whole hour, my son and his friends were done in 5 minutes, asking what the next thing was we were going to do.... sigh... ;-)