Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine, You are a Blast!

Last week, while Elley had the kids, I took a valentine project over to work on with the boys.  I think Carter and Peter maybe made three and were done.  So, I put together the rest.  You know, that's typically happens with all of my mom-thinks-the-kids-will-love-this projects.  

But, we did get some Valentines made and a few sent, so here's what we did:
 We made rocket Valentines via an all-in-one package from Paper Source.
Sophie, Elley and sweet Aunt Sammie even put a few things together.
Carter was very specific as to where he wanted to put things.

And, Peter added a great big heart on his own.  On the back, there was a little place to put a treat. That day, it was their incentive to nap well.  I'll tell you someday if it worked.  
 The end result of theirs...

Then, a few days later, I brought out the glitter pens and let them go to town on the decorating...

Clearly, Dad's joke-telling was much more entertaining.

I think this creation of Peter's might be my favorite!
Whether you love or hate this little holiday, we hope you spend some time with or hear from those you love this weekend.  We love you :)


  1. Those are so cute! Read this at the perfect time- on to create with the boys :)

  2. The one with the boys laughing at Jeremy is absolutely precious.

  3. So sweet. We have done nothing crafty fun in our house for weeks! lol I need to get back on the craft train soon! :)