About Us

We are a fun-loving, simple-living, God-fearing family raising cattle on the grasslands of New Mexico.  As a family we have served our country for eight years, worked for the President of the United States, completed a tour in Iraq, earned two master's degrees, become Catholic, and entered the journey of life called parenthood.

Our days now consist of working from dawn 'til almost dusk maintaining the land while praying for rain and watching our livelihood expand and contract in the form of momma cows bringing babies into the world, building a herd, branding and weaning the calves and starting the cycle again the next year.  We have been blessed with the opportunity to work hard in good weather and bad in order to care for God's land while providing a life a bit more simple than most for our children. 

Because of this, our children are also able to grow up with a stay-at-home mom and dad whose work keeps him nearby.  Understanding that not every family has this luxury, or at times, desire, we would not have it any other way.  We are able to watch the kids' every move, savoring the small moments and milestones of little lives that mature much too soon. 

In this space, I share the little moments of our everyday life...in all of it's ordinariness.  Sometimes I get a post up about a recipe we love.  At other times, I share about motherhood and its joys and struggles.  I also delve a little more deeply into our faith from time to time.  And, there are certain periods that are quieter...as I simply document a bit of our days.  This is our journal through life.  This is our story.  This is us.

Here's to a life less ordinary and a faith dependent upon abundant mercy.