Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Trip

One of the best people in the entire world had a baby shower (she's about to have her first little girl!) last weekend in College Station, so I knew we couldn't miss it!  Instead of just going down for the shower and back, we decided to make a trip of it!  So, we left a few days ahead of time and made the 10 hour trek, stopping in Dallas/Fort Worth for a few days of seeing friends and family and having fun .  We never get to see everyone we want to see on trips like these (where so many of our friends and family are gathered in the same place), but there's always a next time!  

Here's a few highlights (dumbo me left my camera at the hotel for a lot of the fun!)...

*We saw a friend of mine who has been in the hospital for a good two months on bed rest (bless her)!
*We saw my cousin who just got engaged and ate at the amazing Coal Vines in Dallas.

*We toured the Dallas World Aquarium.  It was perfect for the kids, and they were so anxious to find the sharks they basically ran past everything else...except Nemo :)
*We saw one of my best friends from college, and I finally met her little girl and her sweet Emma Grace (in utero)!  
*Carter might have a new girlfriend!
*Carter asked our waiter if he "had a bed" or if  "children like me sleep in beds in buildings like that next door" - he was tired!
*Peter was given a book as a birthday gift during our trip.  He smiled and said, "I don't read."
*There was one trip to the urgent care, a double ear infection, nightly accidents from the one who never has accidents and a lot of funny conversations in the car.

*We saw GiGi and the boys adored her, just like we all do!
*We stayed with our wonderful cousins, and Carter told me, "Mom, you and Dad can go now.  Jus leave Peter and I here."
*We stayed with Tiffany the Great, and she had silly string, cookie cakes, a pinata, goody bags and incredible hospitality for our crazy crew.

*I introduced the boys to my favorite dessert...

*We spent a couple of hours with my Adopt-an-Aggie grandparents from college.
*We made it six hours without stopping, and we ended the trip at Mimi's to celebrate one very special birthday!

Was it tiring?  Yes.  Did I probably not plan as well as I should have?  Of course.  Would we do it all over again?  In a heart beat.  

It was such a great time, even if crazy and fast-paced.  Now we're back and settling into normal...trick-or-treating up next!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tortilla aka The Burrito

One evening before bed, we wrapped the boys up in a blanket and drug them around the house, calling it the Giant Burrito.  Well, it quickly became addictive and ever since, they are asking for the "tortilla" day and night.  We found a quilt big enough for wrap both of them at once...

I absolutely love this age, when even the simplest of things become so fun!  These boys teach me more about finding joy in everything every single day.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Lettermen and Cowboys (and their quotes)

The boys got these awesome jackets from Gramma for their birthdays, and they have loved them.  I really think they look like mini college football players.  It's been said a time or two that Peter and Brian Kelly share a resemblance, and I'm going with it.  
Peter on his birthday...
"I'm TWO.  My name Winnie da Pooh!"
^^^football players, like to read, too

I have been bragging on Peter with his potty training, so I was doing the same as Carter went to the restroom.  I told him I was so proud of him...
"Mommy, I was jus twying to be a hero."
Last week I was looking everywhere for Peter in the house (thinking his potty training was going wrong if you know what I mean).  He wasn't answering.  Finally I found him in my room with a crucifix.  I asked what he was doing...
"Momma, I was jus kissing Jesus!"
^^^Watching a little Mickey Mouse in the warm house (it was in the thirties outside)!  That morning I was helping Carter get dressed and asked if he had gotten his socks on...
"Momma, I like to call dem foot mittens!"
They borrowed a few of Papas old work hats (and didn't quite get them on correctly for every picture)...

We were sorting through some pumpkins the other day and a tiny one had an extra long stem...
Carter: "Momma, dis one needs a hairtut!"
When I told Carter we were going to see Jeremy's grandma this week, his eyes got bright and he said...
"Oh!  I love grandmas!"
I was hanging a cross on my wall of religious items, and Carter found the picture of the Last Supper...
Carter: Momma, are dese Jesus's cousins?
Me:  Well, they are more like his best friends.  They are the Apostles.
Carter:  OH!  Like his favowite cousins.  Like LilyLukeLaraBartandCyd!! (some cousins we spend a lot of time with and love very much).

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

Papa and Elley took Carter to the pumpkin patch in early October, and they had a ton of fun!  They also found awesome pumpkins in every shape, size and color.  It was so much better received than our trip last year (John Paul might disagree), so we decided to meet up with some cousins and make one last trip this season!
^^^Lily, Luke and Lara
^^^Heading to the field to begin picking (this is our kind of pumpkin patch)!
^^^At first glance, it didn't look like much was left besides giant pumpkins.
^^^not seeing the fun in it all
John Paul was crying, so sweet Carter found him the tiniest pumpkin I've ever seen, saying, "Here.  It's okay, John John."
^^^Carter was a little under the weather
^^^as good as a group picture gets
We got away with a cart full of mini-pumpkins for only $6!  It was worth so much more than that in fun!