Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What They are Saying

Peter has really upped it in the talking department.  He thinks hard about every word that comes out of his mouth and is so proud of his talking.  He also repeats about every thing Carter says.

This weekend at a family gathering, Peter met a cousin's (she married my cousin) mother.  At the end of the night she told Peter she loved making his acquaintance.  He smiled big with his one left dimple and said, "I. LOVE. COOKIES!!!"

Carter has been doing a lot of this randomly...
"Oh, I just love you my momma."  
I love it.

We had a Caesar salad one day for lunch, and Carter asked for all the croutons.  Luckily, I don't like them :)
Me: Carter, you like croutons, don't you?
Carter: I'm afwaid too much.

Overheard while the boys were playing with trains:
Carter:  Peter, I just love you.
Peter: I. love. you.
Carter: You are my favowit bruder.
Peter: Favowit bruder.

Then Carter came in to the kitchen...
Carter: Momma, please watch for snakes.  I would never want you to get hurt.

In Church, Carter sang the Gloria as loud as he could.  Who knew he even listened?!

(sorry, just came back from checking out the loud giggles during naptime - no big deal, just a bottle of baby lotion along with some steroid cream spread all over the room and in each other's hair - brilliant).

I was cooking dinner when Peter came in and said...
"I want dat fahder."
He kept repeating it and got more emphatic as time went on.  I finally asked him to show me and he took me to a picture of his baptism with us and the priest.
He loves that guy!

I have been sleeping on the couch a few nights because of Jeremy's hurt leg.  Sunday morning a little after six, this kid walks in, dressed like the picture below and says, "Boo!"

This is John Paul's (size 12 month) Halloween costume.  Never a dull moment!


  1. Awwwww!! Their little conversations are SO heartwarming!

    Sigh... oh, Britt! This is so wonderful!!!!!

  3. Keep the quotes coming! I love kid quotes! They are hilarious!

  4. These are my favorite blogs. Hands down. I. Love. Cookies. My little kindred spirit child. And I love that he misses "dat fether" so much!

  5. Haha! They're so cute! We had caesar salad last night and Luke asked for "the little stones with my lettuce"...croutons, stones, same difference I guess.

  6. Hahah!!! So cute. I just love their quotes.