Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall and Halloween Prep II...

Like I've said before, Fall is my favorite.  I'm not typically very good with plants, but my mums suprisingly lived this year :)  I wanted to document them incase this ends up as a once-in-a-lifetime scenario...

When I was growing up, we always made caramel apples for Halloween.  Jeremy and I thought Carter might have fun decorating a few.  So, we picked some tiny apples from Mom and Dad's tree, and I got them prepped.  He loved it (maybe even more than he loved eating the decorations)!  Then, when people (aka, grandparents) came to our house, he would say, "I made a punkin apple for you!"  So fun.  I think this will remain a tradition!


Happy Halloween!

Playing and Prepping for Halloween...

I captured a few shots of the boys playing nicely together.  It is not common :)  In some, Peter has lovely red eyes.  I'm doing the lazy auto-mode on the camera these days inside my house...beautiful, I know.

Family pictures are more fun if they're real, right?

Papa and Elley in for a quick visit after cattle work.  I think the boys would like to live with them (or Mimi and Pops)!

And the great pumpkin carving. This pumpkin was a monster and Jeremy carved him joyfully...what a great dad!

Peter was ready and waiting for his turn with the pumpkin.

Carter helped draw the face.

Spoooooky... :)
We're working on our "trick-or-treat" methods and getting ready for a day of fun with the cousins.
Happy Birthday MiMi!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Peter's Bday in Amarillo

On Friday after Peter's birthday, we got to go to Amarillo to spend the day with Jeremy's parents. 
Sidenote: Peter's 1 year appointment was that day, and my guess at him being 30 lbs was wrong...whew.  He is just 26.5 lbs and 31 inches...basically the same as Carter at 1 year.
We bought the best petit fours from Bellmar Bakery and had a fun lunch with MiMi and Pops.

Carter helping Peter blow out his candle...Jeremy "helping" too.

He might have found a new favorite food.

I really wish this one wasn't blurry.  He was so excited!
Mimi helping Peter open his gifts...

A chair of his very own.  This kid LOVES his chair!
We are so fortunate to live just two hours away from Mimi and Pops and to be able to see them almost every time we're in Amarillo.  The kids have the best sets of grandparents, and we couldn't be more thankful.

QOTW: 10/30/12

Since Carter's goose egg, he's really lived up the fact that he got a big bump (and has let everyone he knows know about it).  He was sitting on my lap one day and wanted to slide off (a similar thing he was doing when he got the bump).  Before he did he said, "I am still a itty bit nervous!"

Jeremy and I took the boys for a stroller ride awhile back.  It is at times a more enjoyable ride if Carter has a snack size bag of skittles.  He apparently was finished with them, and I rolled over the skittle bag as we walked.  He then said that he had trash.  Well, Jeremy tried to give him a lesson in not littering and telling us before he just threw it down.  Midway through the lesson, Carter starts yelling, "MOMMY, DADDY, I HAVE TRASH!!  I.HAVE.TRASH!!"  A little too late.

Anytime we get to see grandparents or go somewhere in the car these days, Carter gets a huge grin and says, "I feel weally excited!"

After a few stories before naptime, I told Carter to sleep well.  He said, "I will Momma - the angels sleep with me."  I really think there is a special relationship between children and God.

At lunch Carter was enjoying whatever it was I fixed that day and said, "You're a good cookie (cook), Momma!"  So sweet.

Carter loves tools, building, fixing, you name it.  As I was making dinner the other day, Carter pulled out my tiny step ladder, and a ruler.  He then set it up by the back door and climbed up with his ruler.  I asked him what he was doing and he replied, "I'm just makin sure it's level."

Carter has a little Mass kit to help him learn about Church.  He is really excited about the Eucharist these days.  We were playing with it last week and he got the little foam wafer and said "The Body of Christ. Amen." and stuffed it in his mouth.  Well, it got stuck and before I could pull it out, he threw up everywhere.  Maybe next time, God.

Carter and Peter sometimes have a hard time sharing.  Well, most times.  I understand both perspectives, though - Peter grabs everything Carter is playing with (usually the bottom Lego in a tall Lego tower).  However, if Peter is playing with something on his own, Carter often grabs it and suddenly needs it, too.  It's a no win.  When Carter and I were building a tower, Peter proceeded to pull the bottom piece out, again.  Carter started shaking and poking Peter in the chest, yelling, "Be Wheat (sweet) Peter, Be Wheat!"  It didn't work.

Carter loves to talk to people in the drive-up, on the street, in the store, wherever we may be.  He always says, "Hi!" really loudly and then follows it up with "Whas your name?"  If people don't respond, he shrugs his little shoulders, looks at me and says, "Oh, dey didn't hear me."  Sometimes, I know they do!  Talk to kids, people!  Anyway, he even does it with characters in books.  Yesterday while reading a Mickey Mouse book:  "Hi Mickey.  My name Carter, and I have lotsa brothers." 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Stephen Ross Carter & Hensley Sue Hawthorne

We have a new nephew and cousin (born two days apart)...

Stephen Ross Carter
October 20, 2012
6 lb. 3.5 oz. 19.25 in long

Hensley Sue Hawthorne
October 22, 2012
6 lb. 1 oz. 19 in long

We are so blessed!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Peter turns 1!

As expected, Peter's first year of life went quickly.  It doesn't matter how many people tell me to "enjoy the time now for it passes way too quickly," I still can't find a way for things to really slow down.  So, I'm vowing to enjoy the moments day by day, even embracing the time passing...because really, there isn't a thing I can do about it.  Someone remind me of this on an "off day" or a day in which I'm crying because my 8 lb baby is now almost 30 pounds (yes, I'm serious -- about the pounds, not the crying over weight -- I just cry because he's growing up).
That being said, we had a small family birthday party for Peter and will get together with the other set of grandparents tomorrow to celebrate.  It's how we do things.  Do I admire my friends who go all-out for their babies/toddlers b-days?  Yes, yes I do.  However, this is what works for us...grandparents over, presents, a little cake and ice cream and some balloons to top things off.
Here's a look at Peter's birthday poster - a collage of photos from day one to month eleven...
A giant Oreo birthday cake...
A dapper little one-year-old...

Eating on the "You're Special Today" plate...
 The best present of the day, by far...

Peter finally getting to look at the balloons without some older brother bouncing them in his face...
Peter's attempt at blowing out the candle...
 Me trying to keep him from burning his hand...
Everyone but Peter blowing...
Silly uncle Chaser...
"I really get to eat this?"

"This is a BIG piece of cake"

"How much can I fit in at once?"
 "I've got this."

And, he likes to share...
Peter watching Carter open his presents...

Finally deciding to try to unwrap one...
Ready for the Winter :)

Carter opening another of Peter's packages while Peter watches from a distance...

The birthday boy...
Sporting his new green vest from RoRo...

It was a great day.  While Peter couldn't have known it was his birthday, he had fun, and Carter reminded him it was his birthday ever 20 minutes or sweet.  Peter is quite the little guy...he is pretty laid back and still loves a good hug.  He is getting a little more vocal about what he wants, even without the use of words :)  He takes a lot from his big brother and is getting tougher by the day.  His smile will melt your heart, if you are one of the lucky ones who gets to see it.  As does Carter, Peter brings so much joy to our daily lives and we're continually thankful for the blessing of him. 

A few things about Peter right now:
Wears anywhere from 12 to 24 month clothing.
Wears a size 4-5 shoe
Weighs close to 30 lbs and is close to 30 inches I would guess
Is almost weaned from formula to whole milk
Eats three meals a day and three bottles ranging from 6-8 oz - sometimes has a snack
Hates his car seat
Loves his blanket and his two left hand middle fingers (confusing?)
Tries to say hi/bye and from time to time says things that sound like MaMa and DaDa
Mimics any noise Carter makes
Growls/grunts all the time
Stands on his own and is almost walking
Has seven teeth
Loves life :)

It's been an incredible year, little buddy!  We love you!