Thursday, July 30, 2015


It's been a good week.  We've gotten a lot done around the house.  The kids have enjoyed having their dad working on projects here for a few days so they can help (fence building, really).  And, things have just been normal - no places to go, nothing that has to happen, etc.  So, it's given us ample time to rest (and get over the colds), and just do our day-to-day things.  

Carter // 5 - Thanks to the suggestion of Kathleen, I got a couple of these Hot Dot kits for Carter's birthday, and we just pulled them off the shelf.  He's loving them, and it's so much fun to see him so excited when he gets an answer right.  So far, his numbers are better than his letters. 

Peter // 3 - He found what looks like a tomato worm outside, although we don't have a garden this year.  He put some leaves in the little bug box and I heard him say, "Hey little you want to go live back outside?  Okay."  Then he let him go.

John Paul // 2 - When we went on our little weekend trip, John Paul developed what I thought was a little cold sore on his bottom lip (I get them, so I felt bad that his started so young).  But, as the days went on, more and more appeared.  Still contained to his face and neck, I'm not so sure it's not another round of hand foot and mouth.  Poor guy.  It's almost over though!
Sophie // 1 - Sophie found John Paul's hat and put it on like this.  Then, as she was crawling around the yard, John Paul found her and wasn't too happy.  Needless to say, she didn't wear it long!

Friday, July 24, 2015

29/52: Staining and Quotes

I decided it would be a good idea to re-stain and seal our little treehouse/playground.  My not-so-good idea was to have the boys help with it.  Ha!  But...they had fun!

And, I haven't done a quotes post in a long time, so I think I'll include a few here.

Carter // 5 - The other week when we were taking him to swim lessons, we had a lot of great conversations.  After his first day, we went to the grocery store to get a treat, and he talked (for a long time) to everyone he saw.  I've told all of them how important it is to talk to people, especially when they are asked a question.  So, when we got back in the car, I was bragging on him.  His response: "Mom, that's just called caring for others, and it's a weally, weally good thing to do."

Then, the next day,  I got a bit worried about the whole stranger danger thing, so I told him if anyone ever made him uncomfortable or if someone he didn't know tried to take him away, to scream for help.  Confused, he said, "Mom, if any bad guy tried to do that to one of God's children, God would send them straight to hell."  Yikes.  I haven't been saying that.

The last day of swim lessons, we got in the car and I went to turn on a movie.  Carter said:
"Mom, no movies today.  I missed Texline (a tiny town we pass through on our way to swim lessons), and I don't want to miss it today.  So, turn on some wok and woll and we'll just visit!"  We did.

Peter // 3 - We were getting ready to leave the house one morning and he came in after using the restroom and said, "Mom, if you ever want to lose me forever, just flush me down the toilet and it will take me far, far away!"

He always starts whatever he wants to say with, "Can I tell you sumping?"

He's also asking a ton of "What would happen if..." questions these days.

And, he loves and notices clothes.  So, when I'm a bit more dressed up, he gets excited and says, "Momma, you look so pwetty in your dancing clothes."

John Paul // 2 - This little wild man just likes to make up jokes and then say, "Oh silly me!"

He'll also point out something he sees (like a truck on the road) or something he pretends to see and when you ask where it is, he says, "Ahhhh, you MISSED IT!"

Every day he asks someone if they've been "bwanding" and he refers to almost everyone as "cowboy."

Sophie // 1 - I think she was mad when she woke up and saw she missed the staining session.  She doesn't say much, but her looks say it all these days. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hatch Prints: My Favorite Hand-Lettering and a GIVEAWAY

I met Katrina in Dallas almost a year ago.  I loved getting to know one of the ladies I followed for so long.  She's an ND grad, and I always feel I have a connection to the Irish since my sister went there. I know, I know, it's a bit silly.  Oh well.  

Katrina is a talented artist and recently opened up her own shop at Etsy called Hatch Prints.  She hand-letters beautiful quotes, and sometimes I think she picked them just for me.

I ordered a few prints a couple of weeks ago and have just recently found places for them in my home.

"Offer it up" is one I knew needed to be in a prime location, so it's near my kitchen, where I spend a ton of my waking hours.  It's where I'm constantly asked for another cup of milk, where that very cup is often spilled, and where I have to always remind myself to be more patient!

This quote of Edith Stein really hits home.  As one who is constantly striving to be more productive (sometimes at the expense of more important things), it's a beautiful reminder of my true vocation...being a mother.  That's all my children need...for me to be their mom.
And this one..
I just love it.  So simple, yet so beautiful!  It's in my dining room.

I've always been a quote person...writing them down in various places, especially while in high school, to serve as reminders or encouragement.  I love cards with beautiful quotes.  I have bought countless books solely made up of them.  So, when Katrina opened her shop, I was so excited!

Now, I have her beautiful hand-lettered prints throughout my a reminder of what's important and of a beautiful friend who lives just a few states away!

She's generously offering one of you two prints of your choosing!  All you have to do is enter the giveaway here or on Instagram (or both!).  If you'd rather just purchase a print now, use THEFISKFILES15 for 15% off your purchase!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

All of the Happenings as of Late

The summer has zoomed right along just like we knew it would.  I keep wondering how it can feel this way now, when the kids are too little to be involved in any activities.  I guess we're being eased into what's to come.  

We got to spend a glorious week with Sean, RoRo and baby Kolbe Hoss (sometimes referred to as Kolbe Hossome aka awesome or Kolbe Hot Sauce by his crazy cousins).  When they're here, poor Sean doesn't get a bit of rest.  The boys swarm to him from the minute he sets foot out of the car.  I love to see them love him so much though.

We got to have a little sip & see for this sweet guy, and it was as wonderful as you might expect.  It's always so fun to be able to celebrate a new little one, and to get some extra snuggles in.
Then, part of Sean's family came up for a few days on their way to a wedding we'd all attend in Denver toward the end of the week.  They are a tennis-playing family, and Jeremy played for years (although he hadn't played in the last five), so they challenged him to a match.  He's still really good, we quickly saw!  While they were playing tennis, we were entertaining the kiddos.  Papa and his newest best buddy...
I caught a few images of the players at work!

 This is also where we had the great hanging contest.
See, Uncle Sean never gets away.

 I even caught this moment of he and Carter having a heart-to-heart.
I think we might have another player on our hands, too!

This little one didn't make it too long...
 We spent some time that week with Kyle and Andy, and as always, it was beautiful and the food was out-of-this-world amazing!

 Then I've had a few photo shoots this month.  An engagement...
a beautiful wedding...

and a maternity shoot.
All such beautiful friends :)

Finally, we rounded of the last week at swim lessons for Carter and the weekend at Tamaya in Albuquerque with the Fisks.  My how the boys love their cousins!  
It's all been so fun!  

Tomorrow I'm hosting a giveaway for one of my favorite hand-lettering shops - Hatch Prints.  You don't want to miss out on a opportunity to have one of Katrina's beautiful pieces in your home, so come right back in the morning!

Have the best day!

Monday, July 20, 2015


A day late, darn it!  But, I can't skip it!

We spent the weekend with the Fisks at Tamaya in Bernalillo and had the best time!  The kids loved the pool.  We had an evening s'more ritual.  We went on hikes.  And, we all got to be together.  It was just the best!

Here is the documentation:

Carter // 5 - he had just finished a week of swim lessons, and he got to test out his skills.  The life vest didn't come off much, but he had such a fun time!
Peter // 3 - at first he just wanted to be held in the water.  But then we found the huge kid pool that was 3'6" at its deepest, and his vest was off for good!  I was so excited to see him gain so much confidence!
John Paul // 2 - he might be our dare devil!
Sophie // 1 - I didn't get a photo of her in the water, but this was just before we went out!  She's a fan, too! 

Friday, July 10, 2015

27/52: The Hanging Challenge

We went to the tennis courts this week.  Jeremy hadn't played in five years (and he is really good), and the Lees were in town (they're a tennis-playing family). the courts we went.  While they were hitting the ball, the boys had a hanging contest facilitated by Papa (not holding on until they yelled for help).

Carter // 5 - 20 seconds.
Peter // 3 - 10 seconds.
John Paul // 2 - 15 seconds.
Sophie // 1 - 0 seconds.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Taking Stock // Summer

taking stock // summer

making: more time for moments of faithful reading.  I'm loving everyone's devotions at Blessed is She and the few little short readings I get in some days.  

cooking: lots of summer veggies.  I cannot get enough corn on the cob.  And, I added a few raisins and some cinnamon to this bread recently.  So good!

drinking: just water...and coffee when I need more help getting going!

reading: Introduction to the Devout Life.  Yes, it's the one I was supposed to finish during Lent.  Yes, I'm not even half-way through yet.  Ha!  This should tell me something about needing to pick up a book more often.  ;)  

wanting: to learn to truly let things go.  I have the hardest time holding on to worry, fear, doubt and pain.  Right now my prayer is to give it all to Him and to be at true peace.

looking: at my precious nephew this week.  I'd give anything for them to live closer.

playing: so much outside these beautiful summer days.  

wasting: time online when I really should get into the exercise routine that I promise myself I will every Monday ;)

sewing: not a thing.

wishing: I knew Photoshop better.

enjoying: my babies.  I thank God for the days when I can truly sit down and enjoy them and recognize the way they've made me who I am.  Most days, the daily tasks get in the way of that.

waiting:  for our family trip to the beach!

liking: this dress.  Actually, I love it!  It's my favorite maternity piece these days.

wondering: how this next Fall and the beginning of trying out homeschooling will go!

loving: this mascara.  I've used it almost a year now, and I never have black stuff under my eyes.  It's completely different from any other mascara I've ever used, but I'm hooked.

hoping: that my children always know how much they're loved.

marveling: at the changes happening in our country and wondering where we go from here.

smelling: fresh cut grass - a summer favorite.

needing: to get ready for a wedding I'm photographing in Denver!  

wearing: this this weekend.  I know, I know.  Never say never!

following: more people than I should on Instagram.  It might just be my favorite form of social media these days.

noticing: I haven't blogged routinely in so long...and it's been even longer that I've written anything substantial.

knowing: that every day is a gift...yet praying I start living that way.  I'm a planner, and I'm always looking to what I need to be doing to get ready for what's to come.  Yet, I really want to just see the preciousness in each moment.  Knowing something and living something are two totally different things, and I pray that I begin to close the gap between the two in my life.  

thinking: about where to take this photography stuff...always a mental debate of balance.

bookmarking: so many blogs.  I need to catch up on my favorites!

opening: a letter from a dear friend and mentor.  There is just something about a letter that is so meaningful.

giggling: at John Paul recently telling someone they had "a lot of hair in dere nose!"

feeling: a little worn out, but so grateful.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Let Freedom Ring

We so enjoyed the week before the 4th.  Every evening Jeremy would take the boys out and light a few fireworks.  They looked forward to it all day long.
I forget things easily.  Or, maybe I should say I get too wrapped up in what's going on in my very own little world, that I fail to adequately appreciate what's going on around me...mainly that being my husband and the dad he is to our kiddos.  
He is 100% ours.  He is constantly thinking of things the kids might enjoy and trying to get that done. He is always home with us, and in those moments with the kids, he's not only teaching them little things but he's being the even greater thing...the perfect example of selflessness.  He can tell when it's been a rough day, and he gives even more.  
He loves me, and them, more than I even hoped for/expected...and I don't have low expectations.

He's the boys' example of what a real man is.  He's Sophie's example of how she should always be treated.  And, he's their model of what it means to be a faithful, loving spouse.  For me, he helps me be a better parent, and he guides me closer to Christ.  We adore him.

The long-awaited 4th finally arrived, and to the parade we went!

Carter was the king of waving...telling everyone around him that if they didn't wave, the parade people wouldn't throw them any candy.
 He even met a new friend :)

Sophie watched from her very favorite spot...her Daddy's arms.

We even got to spend it with precious Kolbe and RoRo!

Sophie caught on to the waving!
And, John Paul was nursing a terribly smashed thumb (in our huge gate as we left the house), but he's a tough one, and it didn't keep him from the fun!

As we were packing up to leave, I caught this sweet moment...quite the relationship between the two of them!

We're so thankful for the rights won for us...for our freedoms...and for the men and women who brought us here (just another reason we love our Daddy).
God bless America.