Tuesday, July 21, 2015

All of the Happenings as of Late

The summer has zoomed right along just like we knew it would.  I keep wondering how it can feel this way now, when the kids are too little to be involved in any activities.  I guess we're being eased into what's to come.  

We got to spend a glorious week with Sean, RoRo and baby Kolbe Hoss (sometimes referred to as Kolbe Hossome aka awesome or Kolbe Hot Sauce by his crazy cousins).  When they're here, poor Sean doesn't get a bit of rest.  The boys swarm to him from the minute he sets foot out of the car.  I love to see them love him so much though.

We got to have a little sip & see for this sweet guy, and it was as wonderful as you might expect.  It's always so fun to be able to celebrate a new little one, and to get some extra snuggles in.
Then, part of Sean's family came up for a few days on their way to a wedding we'd all attend in Denver toward the end of the week.  They are a tennis-playing family, and Jeremy played for years (although he hadn't played in the last five), so they challenged him to a match.  He's still really good, we quickly saw!  While they were playing tennis, we were entertaining the kiddos.  Papa and his newest best buddy...
I caught a few images of the players at work!

 This is also where we had the great hanging contest.
See, Uncle Sean never gets away.

 I even caught this moment of he and Carter having a heart-to-heart.
I think we might have another player on our hands, too!

This little one didn't make it too long...
 We spent some time that week with Kyle and Andy, and as always, it was beautiful and the food was out-of-this-world amazing!

 Then I've had a few photo shoots this month.  An engagement...
a beautiful wedding...

and a maternity shoot.
All such beautiful friends :)

Finally, we rounded of the last week at swim lessons for Carter and the weekend at Tamaya in Albuquerque with the Fisks.  My how the boys love their cousins!  
It's all been so fun!  

Tomorrow I'm hosting a giveaway for one of my favorite hand-lettering shops - Hatch Prints.  You don't want to miss out on a opportunity to have one of Katrina's beautiful pieces in your home, so come right back in the morning!

Have the best day!