Friday, February 28, 2014

Taking Stock // Winter

This right here is the only thing getting me through this afternoon.  Thank you, Starkbucks, for the best iced coffee in a packet!  Actually, it's really not that bad...just a bit tired and challenged by three adventurous boys whom I love. However, I thought this would be a fun little post to copy... Heather, at Honee Bee Blog (which I adore), put this up on her blog last week, and I've changed the lines to reflect what's going on around here.

taking stock // winter

making: time for a little more prayer in my life.  I don't know why I get so far away from this at different times.

cooking: two dips for a get-together tonight.  Good ol' guacamole and this jalapeno popper dip (with a little bacon added)!

drinking: iced coffee when I keep telling myself that I need to hold off on the coffee until I get my daily water intake down (hasn't happened yet, and my tree trunk swollen legs by then end of the day show for it).

reading: this teeny, tiny book by Peter Kreeft that I may have started a month ago.  I love it, but I haven't made time for it.

wanting: a little more peace.  I'm an anxious person by nature, and I'm letting it get the best of me these days.

looking: at this tunic and thinking it might be fun for Spring - and comfortable!

playing: "dere's a fire over here" and helping the boys put it out.

wasting:lots of berries - I didn't quite see the little mold spots when I bought them.

sewing: nothing, i can't sew. :(

wishing: the wind would die down a bit so we could get the tumbleweeds out of our yard, once and for all.

enjoying: blogging - what started as a scrapbook has now become somewhat of an obsession ;)

waiting:  for June.

liking: this nail polish that Jenna linked to - I've always wanted to try the gold.

wondering: what this little Sophie will look like.

loving: the ham and Gouda crepes at our local coffee shop and trying not to want one every day.

hoping: that despite the moments of frustration and correction, the boys will know that I truly love them.  Some day it just seems that it would be difficult to get that message.

marveling: at how much i love babies (took this one from Heather) and how right after birth it seems I'm ready for another!

smelling: The Smell of Spring potpourri.  My mother-in-law had it and I loved it so much I got some too!

needing: rest.  I can't turn my mind off to nap during the day and feel guilty doing so, but I'm just a bit worn-out feeling lately.  Too soon for that in the pregnancy!

wearing: my Zella live-in pants, tunic, tennies, and a fleece.  Motivation to workout?  Not yet :)

following: a ton of beautiful bloggers.  Loving Anna's last date outfit, being inspired by Katrina's solo flight with two kiddos, and wanting a few of the items on Grace's baby gear list. 

noticing: I need more patience.

knowing: i need to re-prioritize life and Lent is just around the corner

thinking: about the weddings and babies this year holds!

bookmarking: new recipes to try from

opening: my heart to greater self-awareness

giggling: at the way the boys' minds work.  "so, if you ship cattle, do you get a big boat?"

feeling: all over the place yet still thankful for everything around me.

have the best weekend!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Today, I'm participating in a link-up at Like Mother, Like Daughter called Pretty, Happy Funny Real.  


I grabbed these photos of the brand new calves and their mommas last week before we went to Santa Fe.  I can't think of a baby animal I love more than a brand new calf.  Maybe it's because we spent part of our childhood bottle feeding a few?  Or maybe it's because they really are just that cute.  Whatever, the reason, I'll never tire of Spring and new life on the ranch.


While we were gone, my parents took the boys to the volunteer fire department they are a part of, just to see the rigs and to do something new.  There isn't anything about firemen and fire stations that these boys don't love.  I am a little surprised that they got that mask on Peter, but they did, and there were three very happy boys because of it.  

"Mom, if anybody bes naughty, I'll take care of it!" - Carter with dart gun in hand.

Funny leads to real.

The boys got a $10 Valentine and we agreed to let them go to the toy store.  Carter picked out this Nerf dart gun, so Peter did, too.  Jeremy is teaching him how to shoot it.  If I'm being real, I know this is a toy gun, and we grew up with real guns in the house, but I hate guns.  Yes, I think they are necessary where we live, and I believe in the right to bear arms 100%.  I just don't want to start the boys on them too early.  What is that?  I don't really know.  For now, the Nerf guns are all we need.

Seems like it's been a quick week around here.  Here's hoping you have a great day full of all of the above!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WIWW: 24 Weeks

I missed my usual Sunday link-up and weekly pregnancy update, so I decided to link up with The Pleated Poppy today for What I Wore Wednesday.

It was one of those all black kind of days - not in a depressing way, more in a way of lets-try-to-hide-how-much-I've-been-eating.  Didn't really work :)

Pants // Mama J 
Top // Michael Stars (similar)
Tank // Blanqi
Boots // Frye

The baby is growing (as always), and we're doing great!  

What's your favorite maternity brand?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Things They Say

It was up to 70 degrees here yesterday.  And, we took advantage of it!  Before it got very warm, we were already outside.  Carter climbed up on the swing set and asked if I wanted to take his picture.  However, I think we was trying to pose without looking at the camera.  I had a hard time not laughing.

After I returned from the girls' weekend, he informed me that he had learned a new song: Ragtime Cowboy Joe.  My mom taught it to him, as she knew it growing up.  I, though, don't really know it.  So, all evening yesterday, we played it on You Tube, and Carter played his ukulele as a guitar.  When it came to the "rootin' tootin'" part, I kept saying it and getting scolded by Carter for saying "toot".  He also changed a few other words of the song.  For some reason, I still can't get it right, and he constantly reminds me.  

There we go - finally wanted to look at the camera for his "big smile picture."
John Paul is babbling all the time.  However, he doesn't have anything down quite well enough for a quote just yet.
A couple of days ago, Heaven was mentioned.  I cannot remember the context, but Peter immediately piped up, "Where I will have cheese!!"  His milk allergy has him asking for cheese constantly and being denied constantly.

Lately, Carter wants to play with Peter all.the.time.  However, I think Peter notices this power he has and constantly says no, maybe just to see Carter's reaction.  The more Carter asks, the more Peter ignores him. Sometimes Carter gets right in his face with, "Are you listening to me????" and Peter just toddles off.  He is a mess. 

That's it for now :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Just the Girls

We had the best time this weekend, celebrating our sweet cousin and her upcoming marriage!  We all met up in Santa Fe and just relaxed and enjoyed each others company, told stories, laughed and ate delicious food.  

We had a little in-room snack before heading out to window shop and then on to the restaurant for dinner...

 We ate at a few great places...
...and had the guest of honor wear a tiara and boa for a bit (she was a great sport)!
 We even went to eat at a place where the waiters and waitresses sing.  It was great!

Saturday morning, we had coffee/breakfast on the patio...
While I didn't get pics of our morning at the spa, pedicures or hanging out, we did get to participate in Mass together at the beautiful Cathedral and left Sunday morning with our hearts filled.  

This Spring/Summer is filled with activities celebrating the two next to be married, and it's called for a lot of fun, family get-togethers!  I have a feeling August will roll around, after everything is over, and we'll wonder how it all went by so quickly!

Friday, February 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes: A Weekend Celebrating the soon to be Bride

It's 7 Quick Takes with Jen time again...

{1} I saw this video in my Facebook feed yesterday.  It is gorgeous.  You really must listen.  

{2} Daddy went fishing.  He received fly fishing gear for Christmas from his parents, and the men are taking a weekend trip.  He never does this, and it will be great for him (and for them to be together).  We will miss him though :)  So, in our little love language (which seems to be cooking), we made him a treat for the road...

My friend, Tiffany, spent a summer in San Francisco and is to blame (praise??) for letting me in on these.  Gosh they are good.

{3} Which leads to this take.  I gained quite a bit of weight this last spell between OB visits.  Ahhhh.  I always hate those "well, that was a big jump" visits.  However, I'm solely to blame.  So, maybe a little more (let's be honest, any of this at all) might help.

{4} Carter successfully completed his first teeth cleaning/trip to the dentist.  I was worried about it.  But, he was a champ!  I told him beforehand that he'd have to open his mouth wide for the dentist to see his teeth (because we sometimes have a hard time keeping it open when I'm trying to brush them).  Little guy took it to heart and didn't ever close it while we were there, haha!

{5} Word on Fire has a new CD set out.  If its anything like Father Barron's other sets, it will not disappoint.  Have you gotten yours?
Speaking of, have you signed up for his Daily Lent Reflection?  I cannot wait for it!

{6} Ashley, of Crazy Simple Love, put together a really cute nursery for her little one.  She tackled one of those projects that is all over Pinterest - pallet bookshelves.  Here are hers:
Pallet bookshelves
We've got one more coat of varnish to go before we have some in our playroom!

{7} Finally, goodbye home, hello Santa Fe!
It's time to celebrate my cousin and her upcoming marriage!  

Hope yours is a great weekend, too!!