Friday, February 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes: A Weekend Celebrating the soon to be Bride

It's 7 Quick Takes with Jen time again...

{1} I saw this video in my Facebook feed yesterday.  It is gorgeous.  You really must listen.  

{2} Daddy went fishing.  He received fly fishing gear for Christmas from his parents, and the men are taking a weekend trip.  He never does this, and it will be great for him (and for them to be together).  We will miss him though :)  So, in our little love language (which seems to be cooking), we made him a treat for the road...

My friend, Tiffany, spent a summer in San Francisco and is to blame (praise??) for letting me in on these.  Gosh they are good.

{3} Which leads to this take.  I gained quite a bit of weight this last spell between OB visits.  Ahhhh.  I always hate those "well, that was a big jump" visits.  However, I'm solely to blame.  So, maybe a little more (let's be honest, any of this at all) might help.

{4} Carter successfully completed his first teeth cleaning/trip to the dentist.  I was worried about it.  But, he was a champ!  I told him beforehand that he'd have to open his mouth wide for the dentist to see his teeth (because we sometimes have a hard time keeping it open when I'm trying to brush them).  Little guy took it to heart and didn't ever close it while we were there, haha!

{5} Word on Fire has a new CD set out.  If its anything like Father Barron's other sets, it will not disappoint.  Have you gotten yours?
Speaking of, have you signed up for his Daily Lent Reflection?  I cannot wait for it!

{6} Ashley, of Crazy Simple Love, put together a really cute nursery for her little one.  She tackled one of those projects that is all over Pinterest - pallet bookshelves.  Here are hers:
Pallet bookshelves
We've got one more coat of varnish to go before we have some in our playroom!

{7} Finally, goodbye home, hello Santa Fe!
It's time to celebrate my cousin and her upcoming marriage!  

Hope yours is a great weekend, too!!


  1. Happy to take the blame for the cookies. And seriously, Peter looks like such a grown up in all these pictures---what is happening!?! Have a blast in Santa Fe! That's where we did Amy's Bachelorette Party and it was the best time!

  2. Ah! So glad you made some! They are so easy right?!? Can't wait to see yours!!

  3. Father Barron is amazing!! We just did his series on Catholicism at church and it was fantastic. Hope you have an great time at the wedding! :)

  4. Those pallet shelves are awesome!

    I signed up for Father Barron's reflections and can't wait :) I haven't listened to much by him, so any other suggestions you have would be wonderful!

  5. Oh my goodness pallet bookshelves! Those are so adorable! I should make some for *my* bedroom...

    1. Aren't they so neat?! I'll let you know how they work once we hang them, but talk about an easy, inexpensive project!

  6. Yummy cookies!!! And I took all three of mine to their dentist appointments today, it was insane but they all did a great job!! Glad your little man did good too :)

  7. Wow! That first pic of Peter looks so much like you!