Monday, February 17, 2014

Not Much New

We went to visit my grandmother for Valentine's Day, and the boys got to see a few of their cousins, which always proves to be a great time!  While we were eating dinner, my grandma was describing one of the boys and then said, "that little toot!"  Carter quickly responded, "Me-Me!  We don't tawk like dat.  Dat is a yucky word.  We only say it in da bathroom!"  At least we know he's been listening to us, right?

Other than that, we've been playing outside a bit more,

putting a very important bell on the big man's bike,

painting (with water) the benches,

and de-frosting the tractors.  


  1. BAhahahaaaa!!! Okay, I laughed out loud about "toot", but then I laughed almost just as hard about the defrosting of the tractors!!!

  2. How cute!!! I wish my boys listened to me about things that should be kept in the bathroom. But alas I am losing that battle as they tell the whole world!!

  3. Are you raising a future canon lawyer?

  4. Awe, aren't kids so funny! So bald you got to get outside and play, and also learn new ways to say fun words;)