Saturday, December 30, 2017

December: In Review

This is a long one...

Papa and Elley got a little pony for the kids to ride.  His name is Peanut.  And...he is ornery!

 We saw Santa.
 And, we had fun decorating despite what some faces may appear to be saying.

 We made cookies for the feast of Saint Lucy (a few days early).

 Saint Nicholas came.

John Paul turned five!

 He wanted to go to Kabuki.

 And, he very specifically wanted this...

The kids had matching PJs.  Some were happier than others.

We had a cookie decorating day with friends.

 Some like sprinkles more than others.

 She is a pro.

That same friend made me a cake, and I immediately had to make one for my family.  Seriously, it's on my list of all-time favorite desserts.

We made a gingerbread train (we like to mix it up from time to time).

 Carter and Peter had their first piano recital.
 Then, Christmas began.  These two are only two months apart.
 And this girl adores her uncle.

 He got new spurs.

 Christmas...Round 2.     

We read the Christmas Story.

 John Paul decided to help Sophie make use of her nail painting kit - sweet brother.
 The kids helped Aunt Julie open a ton of presents that weren't really hers...and I joyously caught it all...not knowing they weren't hers either.
 John Paul got his s'more maker.

 Christmas...Round 3.       

 We went to Mass on Christmas Eve.

 And, we celebrated again on Christmas Day.
 This girl had a popcorn ball...or five!

 Jeremy learned to make pasta.  This might be very bad.

 I finally learned how to make my grandma's fudge.  It only took seven attempts over the last two years.

 We took Peanut for a ride.

 And, I got a week with my best friends...

And, we finally had somewhat of a little snow.

2017 -  it's been great, and we've been so blessed.