Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Coolest Canvas

As you might have noticed, I'm a little obsessed with photos, so when Photowall reached out and offered to create a canvas print for us, I jumped at the chance!  

Over the bed in our master bedroom, I've always had three canvases of Jeremy and me from our engagement shoot.

So, I decided to use one of the photos that Jolene Broad Photography did for us this summer, and replace the photos above our bed.  

Photowall was amazing to work with, and the canvas came so quickly.  This is how it showed up (in a box, of course)...

 Initially, I may have been a bit intimidated...and I may have left it in the box for a few days.
But, then I read the very simple instructions, grabbed Jeremy, and went to work!
Each of the four boards is lined with a heavy duty double-stick tape.  Basically, you line each side up along the canvas, attach via the tape, and then screw four corner pieces in, and that's it!!

The corner pieces tighten the canvas.

It was so easy, and so much fun to do!

Here it is now.  I may could have gone slightly smaller, but I love it.

And, I love it in my hallway, too!
So, surrounded by photos of the kiddos, I think this will be a great fit. 

What's so neat is that this Swedish company even has wall fun would one be of the kids in your playroom?  Or of a piece of art in the office?  I'll definitely be re-ordering some canvases, and if you'd like to as well, here's a code: pwtffilescampaign2017

Thanks so much Photowall!  I'm obsessed! 

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