Thursday, August 30, 2012

John Paul: 25 Weeks...

It's been about a month since I've updated this series.  I am on a roll :)

How far along? 25 weeks (tomorrow)!

Total weight gain/loss? I was at 12 pounds gained at my last appointment, but I have to be at least 15 or so now.

Maternity clothes? Mostly maternity, except for some tops and dresses.

Sleep? Still pretty much making it through the night which seems to be a miracle compared to my last two pregnancies.

Movement? He moves when I really rest or when I am startled, but I'm hoping the lack of movement is indicative of his demeanor???

Food cravings/aversions? I don't think there is much I don't like right now, obviously.

Gender? Boy :)

Labor signs? No.  Still haven't even had many BH contractions...they started around 20 weeks with Carter.

What others are saying: Not a lot these few weeks.

What I miss: Sometimes I get a little insecure about the body changes, but who am I kidding, I did that pre-pregnancy, too.  I have to remind myself it isn't at all important!

What I am looking forward to: Being a mom of three.  I really love babies!

Milestones: It's been fairly uneventful.  We got Peter a new carseat for when John Paul comes, and as I said before, we have most everything we need.  I did schedule newborn pictures, but that's about it.  Life is good :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Working, Partying and Just Playing...

So, I'm not the world's best updater.  Oh well :)  Here's what's been going on lately...
We have been playing in the yard (both boys love to be outside).  I have to make sure Peter stays away from the mouth-watering rocks and that Carter doesn't start the lawn mower on his own, but other than that, life couldn't be better outside...

Since he was teeny, tiny, Carter has loved to "fix" things.  He is always right by Jeremy's side incase he needs a hand, much like he did fixing the lawn mower last week...

Carter's absolute favorite book came in the mail last week...Northern Tool's seasonal hardback magazine.  Seriously, Carter could look at it all day long, and often asks to.  He cannot seem to get enough of the generators, engines, tractors, mules, etc...

Last Thursday, all of Carter and Peter's second cousins on the Carter side were in town for Aunt Whitney's wedding, and a birthday party for four-year-old Sterling.  I didn't capture the bounce house or all the fun being had, but I did get a few snapshots...
Peter is in love with his Aunt Kathryn.  IN LOVE...

And, of course, life still remains better in PaPa's arms...

The boys: Chappel, Carter, Colt, Rett and Price (our very own basketball team) -- watch out!

Peter's safe haven, Elley...
And a few Saturday morning cartoons (or was it Monday morning?) disdain for cartoons has slowly been melting away, especially when I have to clean the house. :)

And boy to these little guys love their Daddy - (me too)!

Monday evening, we went over to PaPa and Elley's for dinner before Aunt RoRo went back to Chicago.  This probably isn't the best looking picture, but Peter was just a bit thirsty and the water gun was the closest thing around.
Carter and PaPa looking at a tractor magazine...

We got home way past their bedtime (but loved the fun)!

One last meet-up at the coffee shop before she left...we milk our time with sweet Aunt RoRo for all it's worth!
Elley bought Peter a walker to help him learn to walk and to keep him happy when he can't be held.  Well, it appears someone else has completely taken it over!  He calls it his "rig" and pretends to fill it up at the gas station all day long.  Rarely is Peter awake when Carter isn' Peter hasn't got much of a chance.  Maybe the new will wear off soon???

After a week of wedding activities, antelope hunts, hanging out with family and playing hard, we've just been catching up and getting back on schedule.  So much fun was had, and we're so thankful for our wonderful family! 


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Peter: 10 Months...

Surprise, surprise...Peter turned 10 months old 11 days ago, and I am just posting this.  Blogger-of-the-Year anyone??
Peter continues to love life.  He's about as laid back as they come and loves his Momma.  We have days when he either screams or I hold him (sweet, but time-consuming), and there are times when I leave the room causing an eruption of tears, but it's definitely not every day and it's not to say he doesn't love other people!  He does...just sometimes gets a little clingy.
He and Carter and are playing more and more, and it seems Carter is getting more and more frustrated as Peter learns to "help" with Carter's Lego projects or book reading.  They really do have a lot of fun together, whether playing in the yard, wrestling, playing their version of chase and hide-and-seek, or just hanging out...and I've loved watching that.
    Here are some stats for the month:

Weighs maybe 24 lbs

Is between 29 and 30 inches long 

Wears mostly 18 month clothing

Drinks about 3 bottles a day (of formula with added rice). Totaling about 24 oz. of milk and maybe 6 oz. of diluted juice here and there.

Eats basically whatever we are eating.  He doesn't seem to have any taste or texture issues, and that makes things incredibly easy!

Is still on Zantac and is still spitting up (maybe I should omit this line and just make it a big deal when he no longer has to take it)!

Takes 2 good naps a day, ranging from 1 hour to 3.5 hours. Rarely does he have a third nap anymore.  He goes down for the night around 6:30 and still typically wakes a little before six.  He and Carter share a room at night now, so it seems they take 30 minutes or so to wind down because of all of the giggling :)

He is pulling up on everything and crawling quickly wherever he wants to go.  He is a climber!

He has six teeth - four on top and two on bottom.

He waves hi and bye to a select group, tries to say hi and bye and says mamamama and dadadada on occasion.

He gets his feelings hurt at times and will let you know, but he is quite a little toughie with Carter's rough play.  He got sick again this month but seems to be back to normal now.  Here's hoping we stay sick-free this month!

Peter is such a sweet part of our family and we continue to thank God for our little blessing!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

QOTW: 8/21/12

Carter and Peter stayed with PaPa and Elley this week for a day or so.  When Carter woke up after spending the night back at home, he immediately said he was ready to go back to Elley's house.  Then, he got occupied here and was fine.  When he got into a little trouble later that day (and was mad at me), he said, "Mom, I 'posed to meet Elley at Dairy Keen."

I cannot remember if I posted this one before, but a few weeks ago, Carter was having a bad day with minding, etc.  I had disciplined him and when Dad got home, he got in trouble for something else.  He started whimpering, "I don't want to be frusterbated!  Daddy's frusterbated.  Mommy's frusterbated.  I don't want to be frusterbated!"

I didn't think I'd put this on the blog but I'm going to.  Sorry for the TMI.  Sometimes when people are tired around here, they say they are pooped out.  Well, Carter had to go to the bathroom one morning.  After spending a good amount of time going, and going quite a bit, he said, "Hey Mom!  I'm all pooped out!"  Literally!

The boys helping Daddy celebrate his birthday...

Carter taking Peter for a ride...

Carter and Peter trying to fix the tractor...

On our way home from Amarillo, Carter was trying to sleep, and Peter didn't feel well, so he was screaming most of the time.  Carter kept telling me that Peter needed a nap.  When that obviously wasn't going to happen, Carter found a new solution...

And, one of the many faces of Peter...

Love to all!

Friday, August 10, 2012

His Name...

Well, I think we have finally decided on a name for Baby Fisk #3!  After a lot of going back and forth and giving different names time to sink in, we've decided on:

John Paul Matthias Fisk

He will go by John Paul. 

In naming each of our boys, we wanted at least one of their names to be a Biblical or saint name.  We want each of our children to have a particular saint/biblical figure that they can look to for strength or ask for intercession...seeing their commitment to faith and hopefully gaining courage from the incredible path set before them.  The other name has been a family name for both Carter and Peter.  Regardless of whether we went with a family name or not, we wanted this third boy's name to mean us and to him. 

Carter Thomas...Carter is my maiden name, and the last name of some great men and women in our grandfather, Hoss, who passed away right as Jeremy and I started dating will always be a role model for me and hopefully will be a hero in the eyes of our boys.  Then there is my dad, Ross, who continues to be an amazing example for us and his grandkids.  And, my name is my Mom's maiden we're carrying on the tradition of my maiden name with Carter.
Thomas is the patron saint of the Churches both Jeremy and I went to while dating and as a newly married couple.  There are incredible saints with the name Thomas...the Apostle, St. Thomas More, St. Thomas Aquinas.  We chose St. Thomas More to be Carter's baptismal patron saint and his story can be found here.

Peter Wallin...Peter is the rock of our Church and the Apostle to which Jesus handed over the keys to the Kingdom.  While he struggled at times, in the end, he gave His life completely to Christ, being the Church's first Pope and suffering crucifixion for his faith.  His name means "rock" and his life is discussed more here.

Wallin is Jeremy's mother's maiden name and the last name of Jeremy's grandfather who also passed away at the beginning of Jeremy and my relationship.  An incredibly joyful and faithful man, who loved people and lived life to the fullest, we just wish our boys really knew him!  However, he too, lives on in Jeremy and provides quite the example for these little guys.

John Paul Matthias...As with most Catholics our age, John Paul has played a very important part in our growing up.  A Pope loved by so many, even non-Catholics...who brought people of all faiths together under the love of God, He personified true love and devotion to Christ.  His life of service and heart for God appears unmatched, and he left behind such incredible works for the Church, especially an example of joyful suffering.  A little more about him here.

Matthias will be John Paul's second saint name.  Rather than have a family name, he will have two (or soon-to-be) saint names.  Matthias was the Apostle who was chosen to replace Judas.  Having been by Jesus' side since the beginning of his ministry, he was a dedicated follower, even without having the title of Apostle.  His faith was rewarded, and his story is here.

It's our prayer that their namesakes provide not only incredible examples for our boys, but give them strength in knowing they were named after people of great faith, courage, conviction and love.

We're ready for you little John Paul!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

QOTW: 8/9/12

My sweet cousin, Andy, who also happens to be a certified swim instructor, volunteered to teach Carter and his cousins' a few things about the water last week. Well, Carter wasn't ready. I think he spent more time distracting the older kids than paying attention. Sorry Andy! Anyway, Andy was teaching them something and said, "Carter, have you ever seen a dog dig for a bone? Show me how you dig for a bone (using hand motions). Come on, Carter, show me how you dig for a bone like a dog." Looking a bit puzzled he said, "Nah, I'll just bring my shovel."

We went over to PaPa and Elley's house the other day and everyone was saying their hellos.  Out of the blue, Peter waved and said, "Hi!"

We have made several trips to the doctor in the past few weeks, causing Carter to have a horrible fear of anything medically related.  We went in this week and the PA needed to see Carter's throat, so we were showing him how to say, "Ahh" and open his mouth.  He wasn't having any of it.  However, Peter looked at me and said, "Ahh" with his mouth wide open over and over again.  Ha!

While we were visiting Pop and Gramma last week, we were outside, and Pop was in his chair on the porch.  Carter was driving his little dump truck and ran right into the back of Pop's chair, thinking it was pretty funny.  Pop tried to act mad and told him that he needed to watch where he was going.  Carter said, "The dump truck needs an emergency brake!!"

"I am not okay, Momma, I am NOT okay."  Carter kept repeating this on our way home from Dalhart this week...letting me know he was sick, poor guy.

"Motorcycles are my old favorite."  As we were driving through town last week, Carter was looking out the window and said this.  When I asked him his new favorite, he said, "Tractors!"

And a few pics...

Peter loves to eat mud...

Not a huge fan of the sprinkler...

Carter LOVES to read with Daddy...

And, Spike, Carter's latest gardening adventure...

God bless!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Baby Fisk #3: 21 Weeks...

How far along?  21 weeks!

Total weight gain/loss? I think 10 lbs.

Maternity clothes? Mostly maternity, except for some tops and dresses.

Sleep? All is well...I might get up once/night.

Movement? A tiny bit here and there

Food cravings/aversions? Don't love chicken on a bone, and still love fruit.

Gender? Boy :)

Labor signs? No.

What others are saying: I don't think I heard anything about being pregnant this week.

What I miss: Not much.

What I am looking forward to: Getting a few more things in place before his arrival.

Milestones: Carter and Peter moved into the same bedroom this week!  As with most things, I worried about it, but it has turned out just fine!  While they have lost a bit of sleep being up playing before finally drifting off, and while one may wake the other up from time to time, all is well and they seem to enjoy having a buddy.  So, the nursery is officially a nursery again :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Look at these two (soon to be three) cuties :)  They are what I get to wake up to every morning, and they are who I spend my days with.  I consider myself so very blessed.  I haven't had any problem getting pregnant and having children.  I know that is not always the case and cannot thank God enough for that blessing in my life.

I have always wanted to be a mom.  Yes, I went to college and even on to get my master's...knowing the entire time that if I ever had the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom, that is what I would be happiest doing.  Until I met my husband, I didn't know if that desire would become a reality.  Therefore, I proceeded with my life as if it would just be me, supporting myself, for life.  I am glad I did.  I am thankful I had the opportunity to get a college degree and participate in the things I did before I got married.  However, life hasn't been as good as it is now, married to my best friend and raising our little boys.

With all that said, sometimes the day-to-day life is more challenging than I expected.  I never knew disciplining children would be so difficult, that it really would "hurt me more than it hurt you."  It has been a challenging week (to say the least).  Discipline not seeming to work, challenges to authority every few minutes, the serious moments becoming simply a game in the little one's eyes, and the lack of anything making a difference.  I am spent.  I am confused.  And, I am heart-broken. 

While I know it is just a bad day or two among many glorious ones, I'm at a loss as to what to do.  I love my children more than anything in this world, after my husband.  I want to raise them in the best way I can in order to prepare them to be Godly, loving men.  I want them to every day know how loved they are, that I would give my life for theirs, that I can no longer make decisions without considering them.  I want to be as God wants me to be, and above all else, I want to prepare them, as best I can, for Heaven.

Yet, why then, do I feel like a failure?  Why do I find myself crying at night, wondering if they know they are loved.  Wondering if I responded in the ways I should have.  Wondering if I am leading them closer or farther from God. 

God help me, I am in no way comparing myself to God, but I have begun to think, "is this what it is like for Him?"  Does He see me every day, failing, and wonder what has gone wrong?  Has he tried to teach me His ways, only for me to throw a tantrum and want things my way, in my time?  Does He cry as I stray, living the life I expect for myself rather than the one He has so meticulously planned.  Is this what it feels like when we disappoint Him? 

If so, then I have failed to see these challenges for what they are opportunity to reshape my life for Him and to truly give him my worries, my concerns, my thoughts, and my cries for help. 

Children are a blessing, always.  While it may not be in the ways we expect, God uses these little people to bring us closer to Him.  My prayer is that I learn to realize that  fact, in the very moments I feel as if I've been tried one too many times.  Because as much as I may question my parenting and the results it produces, God knows exactly where we are, and He continues to love us without condition.  I cannot think of any greater comfort or example.