Friday, August 10, 2012

His Name...

Well, I think we have finally decided on a name for Baby Fisk #3!  After a lot of going back and forth and giving different names time to sink in, we've decided on:

John Paul Matthias Fisk

He will go by John Paul. 

In naming each of our boys, we wanted at least one of their names to be a Biblical or saint name.  We want each of our children to have a particular saint/biblical figure that they can look to for strength or ask for intercession...seeing their commitment to faith and hopefully gaining courage from the incredible path set before them.  The other name has been a family name for both Carter and Peter.  Regardless of whether we went with a family name or not, we wanted this third boy's name to mean us and to him. 

Carter Thomas...Carter is my maiden name, and the last name of some great men and women in our grandfather, Hoss, who passed away right as Jeremy and I started dating will always be a role model for me and hopefully will be a hero in the eyes of our boys.  Then there is my dad, Ross, who continues to be an amazing example for us and his grandkids.  And, my name is my Mom's maiden we're carrying on the tradition of my maiden name with Carter.
Thomas is the patron saint of the Churches both Jeremy and I went to while dating and as a newly married couple.  There are incredible saints with the name Thomas...the Apostle, St. Thomas More, St. Thomas Aquinas.  We chose St. Thomas More to be Carter's baptismal patron saint and his story can be found here.

Peter Wallin...Peter is the rock of our Church and the Apostle to which Jesus handed over the keys to the Kingdom.  While he struggled at times, in the end, he gave His life completely to Christ, being the Church's first Pope and suffering crucifixion for his faith.  His name means "rock" and his life is discussed more here.

Wallin is Jeremy's mother's maiden name and the last name of Jeremy's grandfather who also passed away at the beginning of Jeremy and my relationship.  An incredibly joyful and faithful man, who loved people and lived life to the fullest, we just wish our boys really knew him!  However, he too, lives on in Jeremy and provides quite the example for these little guys.

John Paul Matthias...As with most Catholics our age, John Paul has played a very important part in our growing up.  A Pope loved by so many, even non-Catholics...who brought people of all faiths together under the love of God, He personified true love and devotion to Christ.  His life of service and heart for God appears unmatched, and he left behind such incredible works for the Church, especially an example of joyful suffering.  A little more about him here.

Matthias will be John Paul's second saint name.  Rather than have a family name, he will have two (or soon-to-be) saint names.  Matthias was the Apostle who was chosen to replace Judas.  Having been by Jesus' side since the beginning of his ministry, he was a dedicated follower, even without having the title of Apostle.  His faith was rewarded, and his story is here.

It's our prayer that their namesakes provide not only incredible examples for our boys, but give them strength in knowing they were named after people of great faith, courage, conviction and love.

We're ready for you little John Paul!


  1. WOO HOO!! I love it! I'm going to assume that my email approval is what put you guys over the edge. What? It had nothing to do with anything? Sigh.


  2. I am a little sad his name isn't Abe, but I think John Paul is darling! Can't wait to see you and this precious baby!

  3. Love his name and all the special meanings behind all the boys names! Wonderful post, can't wait to meet the little guy, wish we could come stay with you guys twice a year....we had the best time!!!!!