Thursday, July 20, 2017

Carter Turns Seven

For months, Carter talked about his seventh birthday.  Daily he would ask me how many days were left until June 11th.  If any toy catalogs came in the mail, page after page, he would say, "That looks cool for my birthday!"  Ultimately, he wanted funfetti cake, a sling shot, lunch at Kabuki and a day with his grandparents.

So, on June 10th, we headed to Amarillo to get ready for a fun-filled 11th!

We had a little party before Mass.

Complete with Lego-themed funfetti cupcakes!

A few birthday spankings were given...

And, we made it to Kabuki for lunch.

He was one happy boy!

We had a little whistling lesson while we waited.


He loved his "water soup"

The choo-choo.

Afterwards we went to the trampoline park, and it was a blast!  I jumped, so I didn't take my camera. Then it was back to Mimi and Pops' house for cupcakes.

He got his sling shot.  And, he's been hunting things ever since.

Our inquisitive, high energy boy.  You're always looking for new knowledge and wanting to know exactly how things work.  You like to lead and want everyone to follow.  You are a rule follower, and you prefer to always be in-the know.  You love to create things, make things just a bit riskier, and push the limits.  You have a heart of gold...always praying for those who are sick or less fortunate.  When I said we couldn't get a toy at the grocery store, you brought your money and bought all of your siblings one.  You love meatballs, noodle soup and bread with ketchup.  You like to dance, say witty one-liners, and let us know just how much you love us.  You're always ready to help with whatever we need, and you're such a great big brother!  Happy seventh birthday, sweet boy!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mid-week Likes & Links

The last photo with the Vogts.

This is an amazing response to the Vogue article.

Love this WWII movie.

Minus a very racy opening scene, we enjoyed this series.

From the recommendation of a dear friend, I'm loving this book.  I read it right before bed, and I look forward to it every night.

My sister was certified in High Fitness this summer, and I am going to try to do the same.  So much fun!

These shorts, this tank, and even this tank might make that working out a bit more fun!

Have you seen this gorgeous planner?

I picked up a few Christmas gifts via the Amazon Prime Day (here, here and here).

I'm loving this top!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sophie Turns Three

It was a day filled with fun to the very last minute.  She slept with a card she received in the mail from her great-grandmother, and it was the first thing she opened the morning of her third birthday.  

Then, she asked for a biscuit and jelly for her birthday breakfast before we headed out to brand a few calves with the Vogts.

After was on to Elley's house for a day of fun!

Even this little guy was living it up.

We played in the water, enjoyed the swings, had a picnic and even went fishing.

Augustine got a little scared when he was reeling it in...

Dad to the rescue!

Sophie got her gear and headed to the pond to join in.

She got a little hungry along the way.

Teresa caught one, too!

Peter, too!  I think he was perfectly named.

What's a day without a few cartoons?!

Then, it was time for the birthday party!

I thought I was buying lipgloss as party favors for the girls...I think it might have been lipstick instead.

She got the sweetest book about making an apple pie and all of the supplies to actually do so!

She swears you don't wear clothes under aprons.

Sweet Peter helped her with all of her gifts.

Then, it was off to adventure a bit.

Sophie, what a fun little girl you are!  For some reason, in my mind, you've been three for so long. Maybe it's the way we have conversations, or all of your little expressions, or how you take care of your siblings.  You are Sophie or Sophiepilla (as you tell everyone).  You love your baby Lily and cooking with Momma.  You are as tough as your brothers, but you love to be girly, too.  You love to brush my hair, bake anything and sing songs instead of napping with your favorite being the one you made up - the words "I don't know" on repeat.  You love Life cereal, hamburgers with mustard only, baked oatmeal and almost any treat.  Pink is your favorite color, and you are up for anything when it comes to daily life.  You loooooove your daddy and are one of his best helpers.  You have brought so much joy to our every day.  We love you sweet Sophie!