Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Mid-week Likes & Links

These kiddos.  They are so often such a reminder to slow down.  And, I need that reminder all too often!  I had just made my first round of cupcake cones, and I'd highly recommend them - so much less messy than just cupcakes!

If you love Zella leggings like I do, you might also love these.  Truthfully, I feel a bit weird about the see-through part when I have them on.  I like them on other people but wonder about them on me.

I am in love with this scent!  I have it in hand soap and also counter cleaner!

I made these the other day.  I'm truly not a fan of things like this...protein stuff, trying to make baked goods with protein, or a lack of flour (I know I'm blessed that finding alternatives to wheat isn't a necessity!).  So, I do't know why I made these, but really there aren't bad!

These little doughnut holes on the other hand...

I never was a fan of salisbury steak when it was that day in the cafeteria, but I've been changed by The Pioneer Woman's recipe. All the kids love it, too!

My mother-in-law told me about this as a moisturizer, and I love it!

Have a great week!

Monday, September 25, 2017


It was supposed to be ladybug season, so I really wanted to go to Mount Capulin - a short drive from our house - this summer.  The kids were so, so excited to hike down a "real volcano!"  We had to remind some many times that no, it wouldn't explode while we were walking down.  

It turned out that the lady bugs were on the outer rim, so I suggested we go.  No one really wanted to. Except me.  So, I talked a few into it.

Then, things became too much for some, and well, they started whining, and then crying, and I looked down and saw these before I turned right back around in a hurry to get.outta.there.

Truly, I'm glad we took them, and they had fun.  For a short time, ha!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Learning to Ride

When I was young, we helped with cattle work a lot.  That meant I was riding before I started school. I loved it and never thought anything of it.  But, for some reason, I haven't made it a priority with my kids.  Yes, I want them to know how to ride and to feel comfortable and confident doing so.  But, I haven't felt a need to rush that.

So, when Sugarfoot is in the pens, and when it's a good time, we get him out and practice in the round pen.  This was one of those days...

It goes a bit like this:  We have one serious rider who loves it.

We have one who could take it or leave it.

(with a little help from his brother trying to get the horse to go faster)

We have one who would prefer a bunking bronc.

And one who just loves to do anything her brothers do.

Thank goodness they have the best teachers and are able to learn to ride when they can!