Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mid-week Likes & Links

When we were little, my grandmother made us sweet little Christmas ornaments just like these.  A walnut shell, cotton ball, bead for His head, and fabric for His blanket make this precious little baby Jesus ornament.  The kids made them with Elley while they were there after we came home from the hospital with Henry, and I forgot to post this photo until now.  These ornaments are a new favorite!

I love this new chambray tunic - I have it in gray.

These are some of my favorite cardigans.  They're very lightweight, so they work year round, and the length is my favorite.

Aren't these booties nice?

Jeremy thought the kids and I would enjoy this indoor garden.  Maybe I can't kill it?

I love cake stands, and I recently found this sweet, small one!

Jeremy has read every book in this series and has raved about them.

This magazine was a gift, and it is as good as you would expect!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Anything Guys Can Do...

...Sophie can, too.

Not really, but she loves doing almost anything her brothers do, especially when it involves her Daddy!

We got this neat little hammer and nail set for Christmas, and it's been a great way to learn shapes, colors and a bit of fine motor skills.

I'm not one to think boys and girls should be the same.  I don't think toys and clothing should all become gender neutral.  I feel like there are two genders for a reason and that each is uniquely beautiful in what it can only do.

That being said, I love that Sophie has interest in problem solving and doing things with tools.  She has great examples in her older brothers and her daddy.  I want for this little girl to be able to think her way out of problems and work hard to do everything she is capable of...even if it is with her baby doll in hand!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Birthdays as a Mom

A couple of weeks ago, I turned thirty-five.  Birthdays as a mom aren't quite like birthdays when single or married without children, but they are equally good.  Instead of sleeping in or going out for a  fun dinner date, the kiddos wake you up even earlier to celebrate more hours of your special day with shouts of "Happy to you!!" from Sophie, and "Let's eat cake!" from the boys.

We celebrated with our favorite strawberry cake, and Jeremy ordered in Chicago pizza and made a cookie skillet.  Everything was so delicious!

And, it wouldn't be a birthday unless everyone got a turn blowing out the candles.

We almost had a little tragedy here...

But, Jeremy caught that itty bitty finger just in time!

She thought someone might get her cake if she didn't eat it all at once.

I received some very thoughtful gifts including a St. Michael retablo from Peter (that he received from my parents last Christmas), a piece of petrified wood from John Paul, a ring out of the quarter machine from Carter and lots of kisses and hugs to go around.

While different than a birthday without them, I wouldn't have it any other way!