Friday, July 28, 2017

Henry Joseph

I just thought this little guy needed an update.  

He is:

6 months
18.75 pounds
He has:

two teeth
and rolls over

And he might be the happiest, sweetest baby on the planet (do I say that about everyone of my babies?  I think so).  But, truly, he is!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Early Mornings

If I don't set an alarm in the mornings, two of my kiddos are usually up before me.  The first is John Paul, and well, I know when he wakes up.  He's usually right by the side of my bed, making the slightest noise and peering into my closed eyes so when I open them it scares me to death.  

The other is Peter...and I usually find him like this.  

He's always creating.  He loves to be in the school room at this specific seat.

He may draw.  He may copy the titles of books.  He may cute and paste.  But he always puts his name on it.

He is the only one I see doing this for extended periods of time, and I just love watching him doing something he loves.

Maybe he will be an artist.  Maybe not.  For now, it's simply one of his favorite pastimes.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mid-week Likes & Links

A friend gave us a few peaches the other day, and I found the.most.amazing.muffin.recipe.  Of course, it's from Sally's Baking Addiction, and on that note, she has a cookie cookbook available for pre-order!

Along those lines, I made this Blueberry Galette this week.  Okay, I made four.  But, not all for us!
I used a different crust, and I didn't add lemon zest.

I think I'm going to get these books for my kiddos.  I've heard great things about them.

My boys are always ruining the knees of their jeans.  So, I'm going to give these a shot.  Anyone else have luck with these?  Or know of pants for extra tall kids?

These peanuts are my new favorite snack.  They're really cheap around here, but if you don't live here, you can get them on Amazon.

I love the look of this shoe.

I'm finding a lot of Montessori stuff here and here - and by a lot, I mean, it is overwhelming.

I might have ordered these for family photos!

So many posted this yesterday, but I decided to, too!

Happy Wednesday!