Thursday, September 30, 2021

Mid-week Likes and Links


I haven't put together one of these posts in FOREVER, so be prepared for a lot!

This precious rosary fidget popper thing is from Brick House in the City.  My kids love them, and I think they'd be a great stocking stuffer!  While you're on her site, this is one of my favorite tees!

I live in these joggers.

This top is what I'm wearing in my stories earlier.

My favorite book as of late!

Have you seen these pajamas for Christmas?

Love this sheer lip color!

Can't stop listening to this version of this song.

I bought a doughnut pan solely to try this recipe.

If you need meat for a fun tailgate, of course we've got you covered ;)

Agnes' mini yeti!

If you're looking for a fall bootie, these are so cute - plus they are comfy and have rubber on the soles!

We are obsessed with these with our tea.

I'm putting this on today (less than $35) since it's fifty degrees!

Found these cute shoes for the girls.

Next on my book list.  This man's wisdom and faith have helped me greatly!

This lotion is so good and party of my nightly routine (let's be honest, it's kind of the only part).

I do really love these shorts for working does everyone else.

My kids are obsessed with these pens.  And, thanks to school (ha!) these, too - I have no clue what they're "used for" or "how they work" - I mean, I understand baseball cards, but these?!

I just bought this top!  And, maybe some of her gorgeous saint photos!

And, that's it - so I maybe have time to make this before the kids get home!

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