Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Things They Say

It was up to 70 degrees here yesterday.  And, we took advantage of it!  Before it got very warm, we were already outside.  Carter climbed up on the swing set and asked if I wanted to take his picture.  However, I think we was trying to pose without looking at the camera.  I had a hard time not laughing.

After I returned from the girls' weekend, he informed me that he had learned a new song: Ragtime Cowboy Joe.  My mom taught it to him, as she knew it growing up.  I, though, don't really know it.  So, all evening yesterday, we played it on You Tube, and Carter played his ukulele as a guitar.  When it came to the "rootin' tootin'" part, I kept saying it and getting scolded by Carter for saying "toot".  He also changed a few other words of the song.  For some reason, I still can't get it right, and he constantly reminds me.  

There we go - finally wanted to look at the camera for his "big smile picture."
John Paul is babbling all the time.  However, he doesn't have anything down quite well enough for a quote just yet.
A couple of days ago, Heaven was mentioned.  I cannot remember the context, but Peter immediately piped up, "Where I will have cheese!!"  His milk allergy has him asking for cheese constantly and being denied constantly.

Lately, Carter wants to play with Peter all.the.time.  However, I think Peter notices this power he has and constantly says no, maybe just to see Carter's reaction.  The more Carter asks, the more Peter ignores him. Sometimes Carter gets right in his face with, "Are you listening to me????" and Peter just toddles off.  He is a mess. 

That's it for now :)


  1. How fun! Poor Peter...I don't think I could live a life without cheese! When I get on my dairy-free kicks, though, I like Daiya and using nutritional yeast as a cheesy flavored topping. Has he ever tried any imitation cheese products?

  2. Heaven will have cheese indeed. Do you see why I swear this child is my little soul mate?

  3. The cheese comment had me cracking up!!!! I love little boys, their conversations are the best. And these pictures are so great. Oh and can you send me some 70 degree weather? Please and thank you :)