Friday, July 24, 2015

29/52: Staining and Quotes

I decided it would be a good idea to re-stain and seal our little treehouse/playground.  My not-so-good idea was to have the boys help with it.  Ha!  But...they had fun!

And, I haven't done a quotes post in a long time, so I think I'll include a few here.

Carter // 5 - The other week when we were taking him to swim lessons, we had a lot of great conversations.  After his first day, we went to the grocery store to get a treat, and he talked (for a long time) to everyone he saw.  I've told all of them how important it is to talk to people, especially when they are asked a question.  So, when we got back in the car, I was bragging on him.  His response: "Mom, that's just called caring for others, and it's a weally, weally good thing to do."

Then, the next day,  I got a bit worried about the whole stranger danger thing, so I told him if anyone ever made him uncomfortable or if someone he didn't know tried to take him away, to scream for help.  Confused, he said, "Mom, if any bad guy tried to do that to one of God's children, God would send them straight to hell."  Yikes.  I haven't been saying that.

The last day of swim lessons, we got in the car and I went to turn on a movie.  Carter said:
"Mom, no movies today.  I missed Texline (a tiny town we pass through on our way to swim lessons), and I don't want to miss it today.  So, turn on some wok and woll and we'll just visit!"  We did.

Peter // 3 - We were getting ready to leave the house one morning and he came in after using the restroom and said, "Mom, if you ever want to lose me forever, just flush me down the toilet and it will take me far, far away!"

He always starts whatever he wants to say with, "Can I tell you sumping?"

He's also asking a ton of "What would happen if..." questions these days.

And, he loves and notices clothes.  So, when I'm a bit more dressed up, he gets excited and says, "Momma, you look so pwetty in your dancing clothes."

John Paul // 2 - This little wild man just likes to make up jokes and then say, "Oh silly me!"

He'll also point out something he sees (like a truck on the road) or something he pretends to see and when you ask where it is, he says, "Ahhhh, you MISSED IT!"

Every day he asks someone if they've been "bwanding" and he refers to almost everyone as "cowboy."

Sophie // 1 - I think she was mad when she woke up and saw she missed the staining session.  She doesn't say much, but her looks say it all these days. 


  1. Turn on some rock and roll and we'll visit. Sounds like my kind of road trip!

  2. Kids quotes are the best! I use to babysit a kid who went through the "Ah, you missed it!" phase. Too hilarious - I couldn't help laugh every single time!

  3. Yes. . . My daughter starts most sentences with, "Didn't you know that . . ."

  4. Such cute and clever kiddos! Looks like they were great help on the staining project too!