Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Raspberry Muffins

This weekend, Jeremy's brother and family went to a raspberry farm outside of Mora, NM.  We've eating jam from there forever (which is amazing), but I have never actually been to the farm.  Imagine my surprise when they dropped these off at our house on their way back home!  

Immediately Jeremy and I began brainstorming what we could make with the ones left after stealing a few here and there.  I found this recipe, and we got to it!

Our home soon smelled delicious, and these sugar topped muffins were finished within twenty minutes!

It's such an easy recipe for such a tasty end result.

With the rest of the berries, we're making these tonight!  Thanks again, Sarah (and boys)!

PS - we made them and they are delicious!!


  1. You know you're doing something right when your photo is so much more beautiful and professional looking than the one in the recipe you linked to.

  2. Oh Britt! I knew you'd do something amazing with those berries. Thanks for including us in your beautiful post. I made muffins too - with a heft streusel topping. I think I'll try your scones next!! xoxo

  3. Does Jeremy's family live nearby? I thought they were all on the east coast. That would be a double blessing, to have both sides of the family as neighbors.