Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Harvest

We've hit some almost freezing temps at night, so we thought it might be time to cut our pumpkins off the vine.  It has been so fun to plant and watch these grow, with Carter periodically asking, "Are da punkins ready?"  He has waited a long, long time.
 ^^^before we got to work - what you can't see is the grasshopper they have trapped.
 ^^^the boys grabbed the "pinchers"
 ^^^Peter too focused for a picture

 ^^^first one down
 ^^^and one that grew outside of the garden.
^^^seven total (a tiny green one on the far end).  We left two green ones on the vine.  They may or may not make it.  Afterwards, of course, it was time for a little play.
^^^adore this pic

As a mom, I don't think there is anything quite like seeing your little ones become best friends.  While we are far from doing everything right, I so enjoy the time we get to have together.  There are days when I spend too much time on the computer, days when my patience is nowhere to be found and days when I fail to treasure their littleness and need for me.  But, our pumpkin-picking and yard-playing days bring everything back into focus.

Make it a good one today.


  1. Those pumpkins came out perfect! And your love for those three little boys is most definitely precious, and perfect, too. :)

    1. You are always so, so kind. I love getting your sweet comments - thanks so much!

  2. You are so far from doing everything wrong that it's not even funny. You have this mom thing down pat!


  3. Love it! These early years are so precious - even though each stage is amazing! You are right to treasure the everyday! Oh, and where did you get that captain america hoodie? A-dorable!

    1. I love the early years - love them so much. I hope I love the next stages as much. My mother-in-law got it from Gap, and it is SO soft. The little guy has no clue who captain america is though, ha!

  4. I just saw that Captain America hoodie at Gap and came SO close to buying it for Lofton! I'm holding off on the super hero theme, though--I'm afraid once I enter that phase, they'll be no turning back :) You are doing SO much right as a mom. Even on the days where there is pee on the floor and maybe a skid mark on the slide :) Those boys are blessed to call you their momma!

  5. Great pumpkins! and your boys look like so much fun!

  6. This post simply made me happy. The pumpkins are gorgeous and so are those boys and their sweet, sweet mama!