Friday, February 20, 2015

7/52: Being Sick

Poor kids.  I feel like they've been sick for weeks.  A couple of them got sick the night before my surgery, and it's lingered on and on, and even made a second round in Carter.  A bronchial infection, complete with wheezing and a yucky cough/congestion.  BUT, we've got great meds and the kids are on the mend!  However, I'm not the biggest fan of what the steroids do to's a little crazy around here.

Sophie // 8 months - with her little bunny
John Paul // 2 - Always being a goofball
Peter // 3 - didn't want a picture this week.
Carter // 4 - creating a hanger full of airplanes.

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  1. What a situation it must be with so many kids being sick, and then hoping you won't catch the bug yourself.... Hope all will be over and well again soon for your family!

    Daphne | The Daphne Files