Monday, February 2, 2015

Haircuts and Their Worries

Last week we took the boys to get haircuts at the local barber shop.  It's always a bit of an ordeal for some.  So, I typically let their hair get as long as it can before I go nuts, or I just give them a less-than-perfect cut at home.  This time Elley had a few minutes and met us at the barber shop to help with things.

I didn't get a picture of Carter or Peter in the chair.  Carter was too busy asking Art, the barber, about firetrucks.  And, Peter was counting down the seconds until he was out of that chair forever.

But, John Paul...I got a few pictures of him.  

I don't know why but Peter has always been afraid to get his hair cut.  He's never been cut, and I've even tried it with scissors (to make less noise), but it doesn't seem to matter.  He gets so upset, and it's hard to watch.  This time he got over it more quickly than he ever has, but I just hate to see him that hysterical and not know what's going through that little mind of his.  He's also my child who is more reserved, less trusting of people and just a bit like his momma was at his age.  So, I try not to put him in too many uncomfortable situations.  Some things, though, just have to be done.

According to the boys, Sophie was "too little for a hairtut!"  So, she just got to watch.

And, I promised an ice cream date after everyone's hair was cut, so it wasn't too terrible.
Hopefully these cuts last another couple of months :)


  1. We are the same way with haircuts. My son hates them so I will wait until it's getting in his ears before I cut it, and then I go as short as I can without making him a baldie.

  2. You are So amazing at photography!!! :)
    AND I know I've said this before... But reading your blog always makes me so happy that I'm raising a little boy. :) It's a challenge, I know. But it's also so precious!