Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Taking Stock: Winter

It's time for my quarterly Taking Stock post.  It's winter (although we've had some beautiful days lately), and I wrote a post like this in the fall.  So, here we go again.  The photo is of a hay trailer loaded with three round bales and set on a hill in the event that it snows so much that the cows need a bit of extra fuel.   It will be ready to go!

taking stock // winter

making: time to rest.  I just had my gallbladder removed on Friday, and it's taking longer to recover than I thought.  I'm not great at taking time to rest, but I'm trying.  My family has made it so much easier by taking the kids.

cooking: nothing lately.  People have brought meals.  However, I'm putting up our super-easy posole recipe soon.

drinking: water.  And, black coffee.  And, occasionally Naked Juice - this is a new fave.

reading: Unbroken.  I know it will take me forever to finish - always does - but I'm determined to! I asked what others were reading on my Facebook page and even on Instagram this week and got a ton of great suggestions - head there if you're in need of a good read!

wanting: to be with my babies.  There are so many days that I think "I just need a break" -- now I get one, and I just want to be with them.  Will I ever be content?!  Ha.  Seriously, having the help as I recover has been such a godsend.  Yet, I still find things to worry about.  What would I do without my husband, parents, inlaws, family and kiddos?  My mind runs away from me.  This teeny tiny little surgery makes me realize just how important our health is and how quickly things can change.   

looking: at photos of a wedding and a newborn that I've yet to edit.

playing: lots of pretend lately - policeman is the game of choice.

wasting:time worrying.  My vice. 

sewing: nothing again.  I look to Nell for my sewing needs ;)  My mom is my sewing machine.  She seriously can do anything.  

wishing: for a fruitful Lent that's quickly approaching.

enjoying: time with my husband.  He's an amazing caretaker.

waiting:  for a new episode of Chicago Fire.  I just watched Blacklist's new one - always has me on the edge of my seat!

liking: this outfit for Sophie.  Wouldn't it be sweet for Easter?

wondering: how to to find more balance.  I need to re-prioritize daily, I think!

loving: these caramels.  I found them on someone's Instagram account (that's how I find almost everything new-to-me these days), and I ordered them for stocking stuffers this Christmas.  Soooo good.  I might have ordered a few more for Valentine's Day.  Might :)

hoping: that my children always know how much they're loved.

marveling: at how much you can connect with someone you've never actually met - thank you internet and all of my blogging friends.

smelling: this perfume.  I received it as a gift from my aunt, and it's just perfect.  Not too strong.  Not musky, etc.  I'm also a huge fan of their Orange Blossom scent!

needing: to make a few Valentines with the kids.  It might be one of those projects where what I envision and the end result aren't much the same.  Maybe it's time I change my vision, ha!

wearing: this robe.  I've never really worn a robe.  But, I received this one for Christmas (maybe I should retitled this post "What I got for Christmas").  Life changer.  

following: Lamb Loves Fox.  Another new-to-me account on Instagram.  I'm in love with her photos.

noticing: I could use a pedicure...or just a removal of the old polish!

knowing: I have SO, so much to be thankful for.  When I was little, I used to hate spending the night with friends because I was worried that something would happen to my parents while I was away.  Who know there was so much more to worry about as a parent?!  I know that God has everything in His hands, always.  Yet, there are some days when it gets to me still and all I want to do is hug those I love and repeat over and over again how much I love them.

thinking: about schooling options for the kiddos and trying to figure out how do try homeschooling.

bookmarking: this.  The bond of motherhood.

opening: my heart to receive love and to give it more freely.

giggling: at the kids and their little daily things: Carter having to get his goodnight kiss just perfect.  Peter waking up looking for his belt and cap-hat.  John Paul never wanting his tiny green hay bale(r) to be out of sight.  Sophie laughing at her brothers.

feeling: tired.  Goodnight :)


  1. Love seeing a glimpse into life for you right now! You're so kind for the shout out!

  2. I'm on the looks for a new robe!! Your's looks comfy and cozy...would you recommend it!
    Stay warm and enjoy your sweet babies!

  3. Hope you feel better soon! The wanting a break/missing them after two seconds is so hard. Make sure to check out her other books (if you haven't already)!