Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Bug, Diaper Bag and a Precious Dress

Joining with Jen for 7 Quick Takes.

{1} The stomach bug struck for the 4th (?) time this season for Carter on Tuesday.
Bless his sweet heart, after dinner he told me (keep in mind he is only 3) that he needed to rest on the couch and watch a movie.  He said he might need "the bucket" too.  After forty-five minutes of movie watching before bed (which isn't normal), I was questioning his honesty.  Without any more details, he was being truthful, and had no accidents.  He was sick every 30 minutes for almost 5 hours.  

{2} This guy got it, too.
Suffice it to say, he wasn't as clean.  All he could do was scream/cry while he yelled, "I just spit poo-poo!"
*as this is finally being posted, all but one person got it.  Gook luck, Jeremy!

{3} This little guy is standing on his own (for maybe 10 seconds).  Maybe he'll walk soon.  
Maybe not.

{4} I'm working on a little bachelorette (but more like a not-wild-at-all girls' night) for my sister.  Has anyone found any classy favors or cute little decorations that they've loved for the occasion?  Etsy has been awesome!

{5} The Land of Nod magazine came in the mail this week. They featured this diaper bag:
Matt and Nat Diaper Bag (Tan)
Pretty, isn't it?  I really don't need a new one, but I thought this one was neater than most!

{6} I've already posted it on Instagram, but I made some bread this week (it's a rare occurrence here).
I'm still amazed at how incredibly easy (no knead) it is, and how delicious it tastes.  It's a crusty but semi-dense French bread taste.  I think I'll post the full recipe next week!

{7} I asked a friend of mine recently if she had tips on raising girls.  Her response was, "Watch your pocketbook!"  Ha!  I can already tell it's true.  I see SO many cute things.  Speaking of, look at this from Gap:

I adore the whole Paddington Bear collection there.  I know I'm going to have problems (saying this while my boys run around in mismatched pjs)!

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to read other quick takes at Jen's place!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Steak Sandwich

I really like to look on blogs or Tasty Kitchen for new recipes to throw in the mix here and there.  Last week I found this one.  

Steak Sandwich

As I mentioned earlier this week, part of our job as ranchers is to feed the world.  Well, that includes our little family.  The steaks for this sandwich came from cattle we raised.  With the help of some middlemen, we're basically a small ranch-to-table operation.

I adjusted this recipe a bit.  Along with the sauteed onions, I added mushrooms.  

And, instead of Havarti cheese, I used provolone.

It's definitely a recipe I'll keep for later use.  It was simple and delicious!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Day

Our days vary around here.  Some days go better than others.  But, I can count on the majority of the events being the same.  Here is what it looks like in the Fisk home.

6:00ish - Jeremy and I are awake (sometimes woken up by Carter), and it's a blessing if the room looks like this before we leave it...
6:30ish - Jeremy or I (usually both) get breakfast on the table and eat a quick meal together with the boys.
The playroom still looks like this (if only for a few more minutes).

7:00 - Dad is out the door by now, and the kids and I play (if we don't go with him).  They get dressed (some days).  And, I usually get my make-up on if I haven't already.
9:00ish - John Paul is down for his morning nap (I'm afraid it won't last much longer, and I do not look forward to dropping it).  While he sleeps, the boys watch a little Dora or Veggie Tales, and I get a few things done and lunch prepped.

If it's warm enough, they even go outside for a bit to demolish the flower garden do what boys do.

10:30ish - John Paul is up.  Sometimes, they just want to be right were I am, so they draw or race cars in the kitchen while we get lunch ready for Dad (lunch is our big meal, since Jeremy gets to come home and eat with us.

12:00 - Usually right at noon, we share a meal.
(recipe on Thursday's blog)

Then I clean up the kitchen; we straighten up the rooms, and they're off to nap.

1:15ish - Boys are down for naps.  On a good day, those naps last until 3:30 or 4:00.  And, I mainly find myself in here, working on my blog, emailing and paying bills.

4:00ish - the boys are up again, and it's snack and play time.

5:30ish - Dad is home and we have dinner.  Then, depending on the day, they play hard with dad for an hour or so, have baths and get ready for bed.

7:30 - all boys are in bed (even if not asleep - usually Carter is up 3-4 times) and Jeremy and I play a game, do our own thing or watch a movie.  

At some point during the day I get the laundry done, break up arguments, end up cleaning up a ton of messes, and get to read a book or two with the boys.  Some days, I don't get any of the extra stuff done. Some days I spend too much time on the computer saying "Just a minute."  And, then there are days when we have other things planned.  

Each day brings something new and a deeper glimpse into parenthood and the minds of our little ones. We're trying to soak it all up!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Why We Do What We Do

Growing up, ranching was just what we did.  My parents were (and still are) ranchers.  My parents' parents and their parents and as far back as I know, took care of the land and made a life raising animals.  I was just proud to be living in the country and at times felt sorry for my friends who didn't.

However, when I left home for college, I didn't plan on returning.  I wasn't out the door yelling from the rooftops that I hated where I grew up and couldn't get away fast enough.  That wasn't true at all.  But, the thought of coming back to ranch in an era when the family farm was slowly falling to larger corporate farms and entities, I didn't want that risk.  I didn't want to come back to a livelihood that was so dependent on external factors (the market, the weather, the land, etc).  I didn't want to suffer though the tough times simply repeating, "Next year will be better."

After college, work in DC, grad school and more work, I had gotten my taste of life away from the country. And, I loved so much of it.  So, when my husband mentioned returning to the ranch, I was a bit skeptical. Now, I couldn't be more thankful.  Not only is it an incredible place to raise a family, but it's a life in which we can all work together, sharing in each joy and challenge that comes our way.

The ranch has evolved since I was growing up.  We conditioned stocker steers then.  After a brief stint raising Coriente cattle for rodeo stock and bulls, we've ended up as a cow/calf operation.  While each type of operation offers its pros and cons, the cow/calf is my favorite.  There is just something about seeing calves born every spring and taking care of the cows year after year.  
It isn't an easy life, and it isn't like the movies.  Although, I've realized, that no life really is.  Regardless of what business people are involved in, there are risks and uncontrollable variables.  

We do it because we love it.  Of course, it is our business, but it is also caring for God's land and His creation.  Better yet, we love being able to be part of a much bigger in which agriculture feeds, clothes, and shelters mankind.

We feed, doctor, and nurture these cattle so that from here they can go to the final stages of preparation before being used as food to sustain life.  We get to be part of feeding the world, and I'll say that's a pretty rewarding thing.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

WIWS: 20 Weeks

Linking up with the ladies of Fine Linen and Purple today for What I Wore Sunday.

We actually made it through Mass this weekend without any snacks for the kids.  That might be a first.  

We have really long pews, and during the homily, I looked to the end to see Carter with a stack of about 5 hymnals, slowly pushing them my way and taking a break to whisper something every so often.  I leaned in to tell him to be quiet. Somewhat discouraged he said, "Momma, I was just bein' a forklift delivering the song books to everyone!"

Oops.  Carry on!
Sweater // United Colors of Benetton (old)
Shrug // Francesca's (old)
Maternity Jeans // JBrand

And, we're half way there!  Not much news to report other than the fact that we're having the hardest time deciding on a name.  Oh, we have choices!  But, our favorite seems to rotate with the weeks.  Soon :)

Have the most blessed Sunday and don't forget to look at the other outfits at FLAP!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Guest Post: The Vanilla Tulip

I did a blog mentorship program this week with the lovely Ashley of  The Vanilla Tulip.  She's as sweet as she is pretty, and if you aren't already a follower, you might want to become one!

I have a guest post on her blog today.  Take a look.

Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Nothing Here

Joining Jen today for 7 Quick Takes (sorry, I'm having trouble getting the graphic up for it)!

{1} I added a lot of blog buttons to my sidebar this week!  Take a look at them - you'll find some amazing women and their writings.  If anyone else is interest in swapping buttons, let me know!

{2} Who has sold a few pieces of clothing/accessories via the net?  Would you recommend an instagram bidding, putting them up on Facebook, or using a consignment type site?  Any ideas?  I was thinking about getting rid of a few things and thought it might be fun to see what everyone else has had success with.  

{3} Jeremy and I decided that we wanted to buy a few board games to vary how we spend our time in the evenings.  He picked them all out, and last night we played Zertz.  It's a two person game, and I'd call it a glorified checkers.  It just serves as a reminder of how quickly I get competitive.  Board games can be either good or bad for your marriage, ha!

{4} If you read last week's quick takes, you'll remember the teeth saga.  Well, it has been remedied.  I set up a dental appointment for Carter.  Any tips from those of you who've taken little ones to get their teeth cleaned?  It's sure to be an adventure!

{5} As I'm sure you've seen in pics around the web, we got a tad bit of moisture yesterday, and we'll take it.  We all got to go help feed the cows, and it was such  beautiful morning.  I'm writing a post next week on why we do what we do (in terms of raising cattle and using the land).  Stay tuned!

{6}Today, it looks a little more like this…
The boys are dying to ride their trikes more and to "race."  We've got a lot of competitions ahead, I'm sure.  Right now it consists of sword fights, ABC saying, and jumping off of things.

{7} Most boring quick takes you've ever read?  I know.  Sorry.  I'll just leave you with a picture of someone trying to avoid the camera.

Have a great weekend, and visit Jen's page to be more entertained!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

They are Voting...

...are you?

Head on over to A Knotted Life to vote and find a host of amazing blogs you may or may not have started reading. You won't be sorry.

Have a great one!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Five Favorites: Bread, Shoes and Sheenazing

Joining with lovely Hallie again for ...Five Favorites, hosted at

{1} Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread via The Vanilla Tulip

I had to take a break from pumpkin things for awhile.  This Fall it was overload.  But, when I was reading some of Ashley's blog this week, this recipe caught my eye.  It is delicious (even without the chocolate chips).  Carter said over and over, "Oh Momma, you know I love pumpkin bwead.  Ummmmm.  You are a good cookie, Momma!"  Sold.  It now takes the place of my Paula Deen recipe.  But, beware, no doubling of the recipe is needed :)

My sister sent me this in the mail this week, and I cannot put it down.  Her words are genuine and a treasure for both new and not-so-new marriages.  I only wish I would have read it sooner - it's that good!

Petite Crochet Flower Baby Snap Clip - White, Pink, Orange, Green, Red, Purple - FLAT RATE SHIPPING

How precious are these?!  I found a few in a store in Chicago (for the baby, not me), and wanted a couple more, so I found these on Etsy.  I think they are sweet.

I finally went to a running store to be fitted a few months ago.  I don't run, just walk.  But, these shoes have been so great!  They're light, comfortable, and they don't make anything hurt.  I guess it really does help to get a shoe that's "made for your foot."  Who knew?!

{5} Sheenazing Award Nomination

I was nominated for one of these :)  According to Bonnie, "The Sheenazing Blogger Awards are a fun way to celebrate the excellence in Catholic blogs and are named for Venerable Fulton J. Sheen. Over 160 people nominated their favorite blogs from the Catholic blogosphere (and non Catholic for the Best Blog by a Non Papist category) in areas like Best Lifestyle Blog, Smartest Blog, Best Link-Up, Best Blog by a Man, and Coolest Blogger."

I'm humbled.  Thank you to whomever did this.  And, if you feel like it, the voting opens Thursday at Bonnie's site: A Knotted Life.

What's even more amazing is that Bonnie has been going through a tremendous amount of stress and scariness with her sick little boy, James.  If nothing else, head over to her blog and let her know you're praying!

Thanks for hosting, Hallie!