Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Nothing Here

Joining Jen today for 7 Quick Takes (sorry, I'm having trouble getting the graphic up for it)!

{1} I added a lot of blog buttons to my sidebar this week!  Take a look at them - you'll find some amazing women and their writings.  If anyone else is interest in swapping buttons, let me know!

{2} Who has sold a few pieces of clothing/accessories via the net?  Would you recommend an instagram bidding, putting them up on Facebook, or using a consignment type site?  Any ideas?  I was thinking about getting rid of a few things and thought it might be fun to see what everyone else has had success with.  

{3} Jeremy and I decided that we wanted to buy a few board games to vary how we spend our time in the evenings.  He picked them all out, and last night we played Zertz.  It's a two person game, and I'd call it a glorified checkers.  It just serves as a reminder of how quickly I get competitive.  Board games can be either good or bad for your marriage, ha!

{4} If you read last week's quick takes, you'll remember the teeth saga.  Well, it has been remedied.  I set up a dental appointment for Carter.  Any tips from those of you who've taken little ones to get their teeth cleaned?  It's sure to be an adventure!

{5} As I'm sure you've seen in pics around the web, we got a tad bit of moisture yesterday, and we'll take it.  We all got to go help feed the cows, and it was such  beautiful morning.  I'm writing a post next week on why we do what we do (in terms of raising cattle and using the land).  Stay tuned!

{6}Today, it looks a little more like this…
The boys are dying to ride their trikes more and to "race."  We've got a lot of competitions ahead, I'm sure.  Right now it consists of sword fights, ABC saying, and jumping off of things.

{7} Most boring quick takes you've ever read?  I know.  Sorry.  I'll just leave you with a picture of someone trying to avoid the camera.

Have a great weekend, and visit Jen's page to be more entertained!


  1. First off, if I was like 75 pounds lighter, I'd be all over your adorable clothes!

    Second off, the competitive streak. There are certain activities that Ty and I have decided it's best for our relationship not to do together. Go karts, for example. We might both have a bit of a competitive gene....

  2. Oh the dreaded toddler teeth cleaning!!! I have to say the first time my 4 year old went it was scary. but our pediatric dentist gave him "special sunglasses" to wear during the cleaning, and also gave him a toy before it all happened, and then gave him a goody bag full of dental stuff after it all. It seemed to help more than just telling him, if you're good then you will get a treat. Not even sure that helped you at all.. hahaha!

  3. My only experience selling clothes on the net is through ThredUp and Twice- ThredUP gives you very little $ and it has been well over a month since I sent a bag of clothes in and they are still processing them! And I thought Twice was decent (for consigning), but if you can swing it I think you might get a better bargain selling them yourself?
    Also, the last time my hubs and I played a game together I was a pretty sore loser- Scrabble is definitely his forte. :)

  4. No clue about clothes. Dentist, all I can say is start them separately. I think I took mine in together at 2&3 and it scared me off for 2 years. At 4&5 they did MUCH better. But I took the more mellow one (4yo) by himself and let him show off all his swag. Didn't hurt that the dentist had a tv with cartoons on during the cleaning!!

  5. Ohhh I love that lace shirt! What size is it? A blog sale is always nice. If you have anything J. Crew, you can sell it on the J Crew Aficionada blog. I've never had great success selling things on Ebay, but maybe I did it wrong. I have sold some things to Twice but you really don't get much back for the value of the clothes...

  6. I'm pretty much in love with the bottom right shirt. (Or dress, whichever it is).