Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Eye of the Beholder

Yesterday, I looked outside to see this:

For a split second I thought a cold front was moving in.  Upon further inspection, I realized it was just dust. The wind had picked up, and the tumbleweeds were blowing again.  Bless Jeremy's heart, he had just cleaned our entire yard and surrounding area, removing every tumbleweed in site.  Well, if the pictures of the pens are any indication, our yard is no longer tumbleweed-free.   

Honestly, in conditions like this, it's difficult at times to remain positive.  Yes, we got some rain in the late summer (and are so thankful), but looking out to this, it's hard to imagine the land will heal and come back stronger when we've had next to no moisture this winter.  (I also know that things seem bleaker in the dead of Winter when there is typically no green regardless of the rain we have or haven't had).
Nothing is impossible, and I'm sure the ranchers of the Dust Bowl era would have given anything to see the land as it is now.  It's a reminder that, in the end, control isn't ours, and there is only One thing that matters. Our lives, our livelihoods, our futures, and everything we have been given are His.  These lean years call for greater dependence and recognition of of our weaknesses.  The times will turn.

Some day, we'll see our fences like this again...

And, our land will boast of lush green grass to feed a growing herd of cattle...

Things will once again look alive.  And feel alive.  

The key will be to still remember to pray and trust that He knows best.  It will come.


  1. Love this and thank you for the encouragement!

  2. A powerful story in photos. It is hard to imagine New Mexico as green as the last photos, but I haven't been to the northeast corner. Sounds like I'd better call on my team of saints again!