Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Day

Our days vary around here.  Some days go better than others.  But, I can count on the majority of the events being the same.  Here is what it looks like in the Fisk home.

6:00ish - Jeremy and I are awake (sometimes woken up by Carter), and it's a blessing if the room looks like this before we leave it...
6:30ish - Jeremy or I (usually both) get breakfast on the table and eat a quick meal together with the boys.
The playroom still looks like this (if only for a few more minutes).

7:00 - Dad is out the door by now, and the kids and I play (if we don't go with him).  They get dressed (some days).  And, I usually get my make-up on if I haven't already.
9:00ish - John Paul is down for his morning nap (I'm afraid it won't last much longer, and I do not look forward to dropping it).  While he sleeps, the boys watch a little Dora or Veggie Tales, and I get a few things done and lunch prepped.

If it's warm enough, they even go outside for a bit to demolish the flower garden do what boys do.

10:30ish - John Paul is up.  Sometimes, they just want to be right were I am, so they draw or race cars in the kitchen while we get lunch ready for Dad (lunch is our big meal, since Jeremy gets to come home and eat with us.

12:00 - Usually right at noon, we share a meal.
(recipe on Thursday's blog)

Then I clean up the kitchen; we straighten up the rooms, and they're off to nap.

1:15ish - Boys are down for naps.  On a good day, those naps last until 3:30 or 4:00.  And, I mainly find myself in here, working on my blog, emailing and paying bills.

4:00ish - the boys are up again, and it's snack and play time.

5:30ish - Dad is home and we have dinner.  Then, depending on the day, they play hard with dad for an hour or so, have baths and get ready for bed.

7:30 - all boys are in bed (even if not asleep - usually Carter is up 3-4 times) and Jeremy and I play a game, do our own thing or watch a movie.  

At some point during the day I get the laundry done, break up arguments, end up cleaning up a ton of messes, and get to read a book or two with the boys.  Some days, I don't get any of the extra stuff done. Some days I spend too much time on the computer saying "Just a minute."  And, then there are days when we have other things planned.  

Each day brings something new and a deeper glimpse into parenthood and the minds of our little ones. We're trying to soak it all up!


  1. I love all of your pictures. Precious, precious family! And seriously, the engagement photo canvases you have above your bed? Stunning!

  2. I had to pin your bedroom shot to my home board - love those canvases above the bed!

  3. All of these pictures are great!! Love the shot of the bedroom with the canvases! And your day sounds a lot like mine! haha. Except add in a lot more time breaking up fights. haha