Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Five Favorites: Random

I haven't done a round of Five Favorites in awhile, so I thought I'd join Hallie today!
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Everything is random today, so here goes:

1.  Banana Peanut Butter Bites

A friend of mine posted these on her facebook this week, and we made them the next day.  They were a big hit!  Maybe too much of a hit with me :)

2.  If I Loved You - Delta Rae

I just love her voice and the beat!  Check it out.

Cord Baggies

I may have mentioned these as I was buying them, but since we've had them and been wearing them, it's worth a second mention.  They are amazing!  Comfortable, easy to get on and off for quick trips to the bathroom, and made well - a great combo.  And, they're pretty cute!

Uggs were another thing I didn't fall in love with right away (I am slow with trends).  But, I eventually came around, and now I have these, for the snowiest of snow days.  They're waterproof - the only thing making them better than my original Uggs!  Plus, I think I'll have them a lifetime!

5.  This Little Girl

I know ultrasounds area  little on the creepy side (for most people) this early.  But yesterday confirmed that she is, in fact, a little girl.  Even better, she's healthy!  Maybe we will decide on a name soon :)

Happy Wednesday!  Go to Hallie's site for even better favorites!


  1. 1) I am totally trying those frozen bites.
    2) Mini Boden anything!! I die.
    3) Congratulations!! So very excited for you. A heartbeat is the sweetest sound.

  2. Pants that are easy for bathroom trips--I had no idea what an issue this would become! Thanks for the tip. And congrats again on that beautiful little growing girl. :)

  3. Congrats on your GIRL! Girls are awesome. :) Those frozen bites look so good!

  4. Happy to have found this blog and congratulations!!! and thank you for the banana bites! my kids are gonna freak.

  5. 1. I am beyond in love with the little one. Already. Seriously, precious and I cannot WAIT to hear the name possibilities!

    2. LOVE that song. Hadn't heard it, but I love it!!

    3. Going to try these frozen bites---do you think I can just put them in the fridge? Frozen things hurt my teeth...