Sunday, January 19, 2014

WIWS: 19 Weeks

Joining with the ladies of Fine Linen and Purple today for What I Wore Sunday!

Mass was great this weekend.  The boys all really did well.  Not so well that I remember much of the homily, but good enough to where we didn't have to go to the cry room.  That's success to me.

I feel like what I wear on Sundays (or every day of the week) consists of leggings (or skinny jeans), boots and a top (luckily, the top changes).  So, sorry for the repetitiveness.  Maybe when it warms up, I'll get back in skirts and dresses.  By that point, I'll be looking pretty much like a tent in them, so no promises!

And, as I was walking out the door (with a coat)...

Sorry these really aren't a full view, but I wear the same two or three pair of boots all winter, and I've linked to them before.  Plus, I haven't made time to set up my little self-timer.

The clothes:
top // Juicy (a few years old)
cardi // Nordstrom Halogen (a few years old)
maternity jeans // Motherhood Heidi Klum  skinny (similar)
coat // jcrew

It's 19 weeks now, and all is well mainly.  Having a hard time getting rid of my headaches, but that's it.  She's moving a tiny bit, and I'm gathering up a few things for her.  So fun to think of June, and we're trying hard to decide on a name.

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. Love the whole outfit and am in love with that coat!!

    1. I just realized that over half of the comments I've had from people on my blog were going to my junk mail for the past month. So, I'm responding as I can. I am so sorry!! Thanks for your sweet comments - the coat has been such a great purchase!

  2. First time visiting your site…and I love it! (does that sound as high pitchy in your head as it does as mine? I’ll tone down the exclamation marks from now on, I swear…)

    Also, what you have on is my ideal go-to outfit for just about anything and everything. You look great! Many blessings to you and that sweet baby :)

  3. Very cute! I love the sweater... the pockets are wonderful... LOVE pockets! Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well. God bless you!

  4. Omigoodness, this is so adorable as usual. Really pretty top and I love the cardigan of course!