Monday, June 5, 2017

These Girls

These photos were from around Easter, but I forgot to post them.  I love them so much.  We were asked to review some mother/daughter (or they can even be for friendships!) necklaces from a beautiful designer, Carrie Saxl.  Since mid-April, Sophie and I haven't taken ours off.  I did take Genevieve's off simply because I didn't want her to break it, not being used to jewelry.

These little girls have my heart.  After having three boys, I didn't know what I would do with girls.  I mean, I did, but I looooooved being a momma to boys!  I didn't think I could have just as special of a bond with the girls.
I was wrong.  Yes, it is different.  They seem to be a bit more independent of me than the boys.  They are more emotional, and have an even more special bond with their Daddy.  But, I have a feeling that someday, when they are grown and on their own, we will be the best of friends...just like my mom and me.  

I know the boys will leave me in a different way than the girls ever will, and frankly, right now, it kills me to think about.  But, I know it is part of it all, and my mother-in-law has been an amazing example of that transition.  

But, in a different way, the girls get to stay a bit closer, I feel.  And, for that, I'm so very thankful.  
Who knows how life will turn out.  For now, I love seeing these sweet things...sometimes they are knee deep in mud outside with their brothers.  Other times they are bringing me bows to put in their hair.  More often, they are just taking care of everyone else.  Both with very strong personalities almost completely opposite of each other: Sophie the one who sweetly runs the show, and Genevieve who rarely says a word but says so much with her eyes and touch of stubbornness...they are just what we need in our family!

I love being a mom to girls, too!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Front Porch Fun

We had a little painting and science session on the front porch awhile back.  I think our front porch will never be free of chalk, paint or the occasional permanent marker, so at this point, it's just trying to make those things into masterpieces, ha!

Here we tried a little volcano.

Needless to say, I quickly learned that my baking soda was old.

It was a tiny bit of a letdown.

So, we pulled out the paints and crazy brushes, and all was made well again.

This little guy is my artist.

Have the best weekend!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

This Sweet Littlest One

It's no secret that with each of my babies, I think I have the best baby ever.  They have all been really good babies.  Some turned out to be better toddlers than others, ha!  But, gosh, I love these kiddos.  This little guy...well he smiles every time he sees me, and it's so easy to make him laugh.  He's got one of those smiles that just makes his whole self light up, and thus whoever he is smiling at, too.

He is four and a half months old, and as is always said, I cannot remember life without him.  Everyone just loves little "Henwy" - Gen is always brining him a blanket.  Sophie likes to feed and sing to him.  The boys are always trying to make him laughed.  To say this little 17-pound chunk is well-loved might be an understatement.

He is such a joy, and I love even more to see the joy that he is to each little member of our family.

My goodness we have been blessed, and I don't take that for granted.