Thursday, June 1, 2017

This Sweet Littlest One

It's no secret that with each of my babies, I think I have the best baby ever.  They have all been really good babies.  Some turned out to be better toddlers than others, ha!  But, gosh, I love these kiddos.  This little guy...well he smiles every time he sees me, and it's so easy to make him laugh.  He's got one of those smiles that just makes his whole self light up, and thus whoever he is smiling at, too.

He is four and a half months old, and as is always said, I cannot remember life without him.  Everyone just loves little "Henwy" - Gen is always brining him a blanket.  Sophie likes to feed and sing to him.  The boys are always trying to make him laughed.  To say this little 17-pound chunk is well-loved might be an understatement.

He is such a joy, and I love even more to see the joy that he is to each little member of our family.

My goodness we have been blessed, and I don't take that for granted. 

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