Thursday, February 18, 2021

Likes & Links

 A few updates:

Part Two of my visit with Kari on You Brew You is out here:

If you missed Part 1, it's here:

The kiddos (well, the older boys especially) have loved learning more about art and dog training here.

Agnes is doing really well, minus a cold which she hates.  She will meet with her care team in the next month or two.  For now, we continue on the propranolol to slow the growth of her hemangioma/vascular malformation.  This summer, she will have a repeat MRI to see how things look in her spine since her surgery.  I have been looking at earlier photos and videos and want to write a post soon about where she was three months ago and where she is today - so many miracles.

I am gearing up for my third round of this chemo with a trip to Houston afterward for another scan.  At that point they will determine how much more chemo I will need and when I can plan for surgery.  Side effects continue to linger, but everything is manageable, and I'm just thankful to keep moving forward.

This winter storm has adversely affected so many people, especially those areas of Texas where weather like this is almost nonexistent.  Jeremy has been working so hard to keep the waters open for the cattle (breaking ice at least once daily) and checking cows around the clock.  We are so close to calving season and lost one baby calf born premature in this weather.  

This is the only thing touching my dry skin these days.  

Wouldn't these candles be fun for Easter?

I recently made her chickpea and pasta soup and drool over almost all of her recipes.

Let me know some of your recent favorite things!

Sunday, February 7, 2021

You Brew You - Podcast

I had the beautiful opportunity to spend time with Kari Lessor this week on her amazing podcast, You Brew You!  Here is the episode..

KariAnn Lessner was born in Lansing, Michigan, but did most of her growing up in New Mexico. She studied at McMurry University in Abilene with a concentration in Christian education. KariAnn has served in four parishes in the Episcopal Diocese of Texas since 1997, and currently serves as Minister for Children and Families at Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Houston, Texas.

Her husband, Ron, and her daughters, Keatyn and Karsyn, enjoy cooking as a family and epic lip-sync battles in the kitchen. (Spatulas make great microphones!) The Lessners consider You Brew You a family podcast project; Ron serves as editor and sound mixer, Keatyn takes many of the photos used as promo and Karsyn offers her voice quite often in production. God has given us so much in each other - it's fun to share that with the world!