Thursday, June 25, 2015


It's been a crazy/messy week.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know.  But, everyone is still alive...even me.

Sophie has been getting her molars in, and as you can see in most of the photos, it greatly affects her mood...not in a good way.

Peter has had a yucky head cold, but he's a pretty tough sick kid...doesn't complain much at all.  I asked him how he was doing yesterday..."Not good today, Mom."  But, that was all he would say. Bless his heart.

Anyway, on to the photos.

Carter // 5 - It happened to be superhero day at our casa yesterday.  Carter was the short-wearing cowboy version of Robin, taking a break to refuel.

Peter // 3 - He always picks Batman, and he had a bucket of water ready for anyone who got in his way.

John Paul // 2 - He is a bit more creative.  I think this is another version of his hay-bale superhero costume.  The flashlight is his weapon of choice.

Sophie // 1 - She just gives a look to keep the bad guys away.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Black and White Day (or three) in the Life

Summer is flying by, just like all the time does.  We've been fairly busy with the ranch the last month or so.  Then, we've had a few birthdays and well-checks.  Coupled with summer activities and day-to-day life, we've been on the move.  The other day I decided to document a day in our life...nothing special, just some of the activities lately.  Well, I barely got past wake-up time, so I compiled a few bits and pieces of our days last week.  Here goes...

Sometimes it take the kiddos awhile to wake up.  Usually it's John Paul awake first and coming into my room to tell me he needs his pants (he's obsessed with pants these days and will not wear shorts). This wakes Sophie, and then it's a domino effect, and the asking for things begins.

Followed by breakfast the other morning, we headed out to brand our last set of calves for the year. The boys take their perch on the back of the pick-up to watch the action, and Sophie usually sits in her stroller.

 Usually we have snacks to keep them entertained (story of our lives).
 Carter with a remnant of branding.

There was a fly bugging this horse and he gave us quite the show.

 Then we headed to Elley's yard for some lizard and frog hunting.
Later in the week, the boys helped me finally plant a few pots of flowers.  

Sweet Zoey (my helper once/week for the summer) was here, too, keeping the kids in line!

That evening, we did a bit more work on the yard...

Peter had water in the bug catcher, and a wet sock in another hand, and he was scrubbing the chalk off the walls.
 Carter was Peter's helper, spraying off the scrubbed parts.

And, Sophie was picking a few flowers.

At some point in every day, at least one kid gets a bit angry about something...

Then it was inside to make some popsicles for the next day.

Father's Day rolled around, and we showed Dad the little Biolite we got him for our teeny tiny pasture cookouts/camping excursions.

 Of course, we tested out some marshmallows.

Then, Peter took me on a nature hunt, and we found a frog...
and one of the million tiny grasshoppers terrorizing my newly planted flowers.

Chopping a bit more wood.
And, turing off the portable grill in order to head to bed.
Every day is a bit different.  We can count on the same wake-up and bedtime usually, three meals around the table, playing outside, watching some cartoons, frustration between siblings, and God-willing, good afternoon naps.  They play a lot on their own.  I read to them here and there (but need to more!), and then they help me with things around the house at times.  There are definitely days I'm more involved than others, but I'm always the one (or Dad) who fulfills their tiny needs.  Some days that requires more time than others.  But, we're pretty happy with our routine, and I love seeing what they discover on their own.  Until life has to be more structured, they'll continue to live as they do these days!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

24/52: Outside

Carter // 5 - We were all working in the yard, and Carter was in charge of watering the flowers.  He thought it would be a bit more fun if he was tangled up in the hose while doing so.

Peter // 3 - He's really not a fan of me taking picture of him very often.  I don't blame him.  I probably do it too much, but this is the face I got when I pulled out my camera.
John Paul // 2 - He was in charge of cutting the little saplings off of the trees, but he thought clipping the grass was a better job.

Sophie // 1 - She was just sampling the rocks.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Clicks and Links: A New Book, Face Wash and More

A few weeks ago, a friend of my sister's sent me this book.  Her daughter illustrated it, and it's a sweet story with equally sweet illustrations.  
It tells of a family who was in Heaven and who eventually decided to live a life of love on Earth for a bit.  The story shows how special the plan of adoption is and how there always is a plan, even if it might not be as we imagined.  For anyone who has adopted, especially those who have adopted from overseas, I would imagine this would be a beautiful book for your family!  It's now being sold here.

Bridget has posted a few times about her sister's new face product line.  I am the one who sees enough about something on a blog or Instagram and thinks I need to try it for myself.  So, I went to her sister's site, and ordered myself some "Damn Good Face Wash."  

At first, I wasn't sure I'd love it. It's basically oil (with a lot of other good things in it).  I'm used to feeling that squeaky clean feel when I clean my face, and this wasn't anything like that.  BUT, but, I think I'm making the switch.  I love it, and my skin feels so soft.  I cannot wait to use it this winter when my skin is even drier in this NM climate!  Get you some :)

Have you seen Katrina's new shop?  I just purchased a few of her prints, the one which says "Offer it Up" being my favorite, and I can't tell you how much I need to see this little sign She's extremely talented in the artistic department - take a look!

Did you read Kathryn's post about laying down the law as a parent.  Do not miss it.  

Nell is at it again.  Queen of making the precious baby leggings, she's now adding bonnets to the mix.  Expect to see Sophie in one as soon as they're available!

I'm making these today.  I doubt they'll be as pretty as this, but maybe they'll be as tasty! Regardless, it's a great way to get a little caffeine in!

Have a great Tuesday!  What are some of your favorite things lately?