Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sophie is One

 It's gone from this...
 to this...
in such a short, short time.

Today, our little Sophie is one, and what a blessing she is!

She's a quiet, sweet baby.
Rarely does she say much, much like her brother Peter at her age.
She started giving kisses yesterday.
Yet, she is very selective about who gets them.
She still makes her way around crawling.
But she gets into and out of things the boys never dreamed of.
She loves waving at people.
And, she gets so excited seeing those she knows and loves.
She's an observer.
But, if food is involved, she makes her presence known.
She is adored by her brothers.
They care for her in a way I never imagined.
We would be missing a very special sweetness in life were in not for our precious Sophie.
It's been our best year yet, and we pray for many more to come.

Happy birthday to "everybody's girl" - we love you, Sophie Therese!


  1. What?! How can she be one already?! Wasn't she just born? That flew by! Happy of Happiest Birthdays!

  2. Happy happy birthday to the sweetest little gal!! I can believe how fast that year flew by!! I cannot wait to see sophie in less than a month. Please give her a smooch for me!

  3. Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday dear Sophie!
    Happy birthday to you!

  4. Happy birthday, Sophie! She's so beautiful.

  5. Wow! This year has really flown by. What a beauty - happy birthday baby Sophie!

  6. Happy birthday little cutie pie!! Gosh Britt, here eyes are SO big!

  7. Get outta here!! One already?!

    Happy birthday to your adorable, cutie pie!!!

  8. Pure sweetness! Happy Birthday, Miss Sophie!

  9. Happy birthday to a beautiful girl!

  10. Oh my goodness, what a precious post. I just adore this and you and her and all of your sweet family. Especially Peter. Is that okay to say on Sophie's birthday? ;)