Monday, September 30, 2013

Make-Up Routine/Link-Up

Natalie at Here I am, the Handmaid of the Lord is hosting a little link-up, so I'm joining in.

She asked for our make-up routine.  While mine varies, here are a few of my favorite things...
 ^^^This bag holds all I need and it basically indestructible.  It cleans well and comes in a ton of different colors.
^^^I switch between primers a lot.  I've tried everything from Smashbox to Mac's BB Cream.  This Benefit one I like a lot.  The Mac one, not-so-much.  However, I haven't switched from this foundation and mineral powder in years.

^^^This Bare Minerals blush has lasted for-ever.  

^^^Mac's paint pots serve as a primer for my lids or my entire shadow routine on days when I just want minimal make-up.  Painterly and Constructivist are staples for me.

 ^^^Eye shadows are something I like to collect switch up (although almost everything I have is a brown/plum/neutral palette).  I love this NYX for an inexpensive yet effective shadow and Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette really has everything I could ever need.  Clump Crusher mascara by Covergirl is my drugstore fave!  And, while I love a gel eyeliner, this is what I'm currently wearing.
^^^Not evidenced by this picture, I am not a faithful lipstick wearer.  I have collected these different Mac shades over the years (time to toss some?), and I've had fun experimenting with them...

...but this Nars Bettina crayon and Mac Chestnut liner are my typical go-to these days.  Unless I'm wearing a gloss, I feel like I always need a liner.

I saw a picture on Instagram of the lovely Caterina of Not Just a Pretty Dress.  She is effortlessly gorgeous, and I wanted to try to copy one of her looks (her red lips and minimal makeup).  For this, I wore my primer, foundation, mineral powder, paint pots, eye liner in the top lid, mascara and red lipstick (doesn't really sound minimal, does it?).

It probably took you longer to read this than it did for me to actually apply the make-up.  I have drawers full of the stuff but find myself using the same few products over and over again!

Thanks for the fun link-up, Natalie!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Boys, Bugs and Boxes

The boys (well, two of them) woke up a little grumpy from their naps the other day.  Scratch that.  I remember now, they didn't sleep at all.  Instead, Carter piled all the toys in Peter's bed, then Peter lost his "neigh-neigh" (a horse cuddle blanket), and finally Carter pulled teeny tiny nails from an antique post card box I had sitting on their desk and dropped them in a vacant screw hole in Peter's bed and came to tell me (brag) about it.  After that, I cancelled naps for the day, and we (Elley was over) decided to take them on a bug hunting adventure in the yard.  

 ^^^When you don't really have bug collecting gear, any kitchen item will do.
 ^^^a praying mantis

 ^^^letting Elley do the dirty work

 ^^^a few games of tag in between captures.
 ^^^John Paul had been captured, too.
 ^^^Sadly, the praying mantis started eating the cicada and sphinx moth, and they were let loose!
 ^^^Look closely.  The praying mantis made his way over to Peter, and Peter was not amused.  But I was.

Near the end of bug time, the UPS (wo)man came, and gave us another thirty minutes of distraction.
 ^^^See anything?

 ^^^Peter thought he did and was pushed off by that magic hand.

 ^^^Not to be outdone, Peter decided to jump on the box and its inhabitant.  Needless to say, that game ended quickly.

^^^John Paul's turn.

Boys will be boys?  Some days I have a hard time remembering that (especially when nails are involved)!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Montessori, Training and a Beautiful Moon

I didn't think I'd have time to write at quick takes post (even though they're supposed to be quick), but it's nap time, and it has kind of become my routine.  So, I'm joining Jen.  

{1} We have had the most beautiful moon the last few days.  I know, I know, another fall thing when it seems the internet is saturated with pumpkin coffee, bread, seeds, candles, etc.  Fall is here, and I have contributed to that internet craze.  

{2} I knew this would happen, and it did.  I dropped my camera.  Well, even more embarrassing, it fell from its non-tripod post.  I know I shouldn't have had it there, and I did, and the inevitable happened.  So, it's in route to the Canon repair center, and I'm without a camera for a few days.  I'm thinking I have discovered one of my addictions.

{3}  I have really been interested in the Montessori style of learning lately.  My aunt is certified in it, and my nephews went to Montessori school for a long time.  I can get certified online, but I'm not quite sure if I should.  I got this little book to thumb through for the boys.  Does anyone have any experience with it?

{4} I started potty training Peter today.  With Carter, we used Lora Jensen's method, and it worked amazingly well at 22 months.  Life has been a little crazy lately, and I've not been the least bit nice most patient mom in the world this week.  So, what do I decide to do?  Push myself to the edge with potty training.  He is napping now.  We've had four accidents.  Carter has decided it's cool to wet his pants, too, and John Paul has eaten a moth.  If anyone needs parenting advice, hit me up :)

{5} If you haven't read this, you should.

{6} I've been taking a Lightroom class via Nicole's Classes.  They are just a month long and well worth the investment. I took a photography class a few years ago and am a week from finishing this one.  Check them out!

{7} My mom is amazing at finding great books and sending them to people to let them know she is thinking of them.  The other day, she found this book and bought be a copy, too.  It is a collection of stories of people who have "discovered the underrated power of grace" and it is beautiful!

Again, have a wonderful weekend, and read about everyone else's quick takes on Conversion Dairy!

Angel Biscuits

My husband gets a magazine called Western Horseman.  Every month there is a recipe in it, and usually it is something you might find around a campfire.  This month there was a recipe for a hearty soup called Hodge Podge (much like taco soup) and Angel Flake Biscuits.  I think I have made biscuits from scratch once in my life.  So, I thought I'd give it a go.  

I cannot find a link to the magazine's recipe, so here is a similar one.  

While decent, this recipe made me realize how bad I am at looking at ingredients and realizing what something will taste like (ie, the texture).  I am a Cracker Barrel biscuit kind of girl.  I don't like them really airy, nor do I like them to have much sweetness.  These weren't bad, but they definitely weren't my favorite biscuit (might remind you of the Sister Schubert rolls).

However, with some leftover dough, I added a few cinnamon chips and a bit of cinnamon sugar mixture on top, and now I might be a fan!
Moral of the story: I had to try about five biscuits to make sure they weren't my favorite.  Have a great weekend, and make yourself a biscuit!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Few Projects with the Boys

I mentioned this project in my Seven Quick Takes post a week ago, but here is our final product.
Ten beards, two drawings and a letter from the boys to a specific soldier.  It's part of a bigger package being put together elsewhere, and it was so fun to help with.

We also made a little banana bread from a couple of almost-too-old bananas.

^^so fresh the steam is coming off the first slice.

While, we were originally going to go with this recipe (which has yet to disappoint), we decided on chocolate the last minute.  Certainly a good choice!  Carter was in charge of dumping all of the ingredients in the bowl, and Peter got the task of stirring.  Their finished product has not lasted long!  

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Five Favorites - Williams Sonoma Food

Linking with Hallie for this week's Five Favorites!

In flipping through a Williams-Sonoma catalog I thought it would be so fun to do a cheese-of-the-month club...for us, or as a gift.  So, onto the website I went to get a few more details!  Well, I was hungry, and their food section is amazing, so each of these five items I am now craving (all images taken from their website)...

There is not much in the candy department that I love more than a good caramel.  I really think these might make their way into a stocking or two this Christmas.

Doesn't this cheese look amazing?!  I know fruit-of-the-month clubs are fun and delicious, but I think this might just be one step up.

{3} Mini Croissants
I am not typically one to go to a croissant as a bread of choice.  In fact, I much prefer a baguette.  However, my mother-in-law bought these for one holiday morning.  Fresh out of the oven, they literally melt in your mouth.  So, I can attest to these being so good (and even better with a little honey on top).  They've even become a go-to gift for my dad!

Surprise, I like pasta, too.  My sweet sister brought us similar pasta from Rome one time, and there isn't anything quite like it.  I think the boys would love this fun shape, too - may have to order a bag sometime.

{5} Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract
This is also one of the five that I have tried.  It came to me from my sister in a fun little baking package for my birthday.  I don't know that I would ever be able to tell the difference in bottles of vanilla extract, but it sure is fun to feel fancy baking with it!

So, while I was going to do a random bunch of favorites including a new book, a fun eye shadow palette from my cousin and an online class, I got sucked into the mouth-watering images from Williams-Sonoma. Enjoy!

Get your fill of favorites on Moxie Wife!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


We had a fun surprise this weekend...Mimi and Pops came to visit!  There isn't anything quite like having grandparents close by - we all love it and the boys love the continuous play.

They brought an early birthday present for Peter so the boys could enjoy it before the weather got too cold...

^^^sometimes the box is the best part!

Mimi also brought a few pairs of new footed pajamas for the boys.  They have turned into their PJs, lounge wear and well, the only thing they keep on!  Comfort.

Long after Mimi and Pops had gone back home, the boys were still doing this...needless to say they have been "exacising" a lot!

I caught them laying down and looking at the sky...

Then it was a dog pile on Daddy...

^^^I am really going to miss these tiny feet one day.