Monday, September 9, 2013

A Little More from our Weekend

We took a few more strolls and all of the boys were thrilled:

 ^^^Carter and I blew some giant bubbles while the other two were sleeping.

^^^Then, with Carter inside and Peter (in his boots) outside, the boys had a fun game of "hellloooo in dere" chasing each other from room to room to meet up with noses pressed together through shared window screens.
 ^^^They peered over ledges,
 ^^^shared some porch conversations,
 ^^^and spent some great time with their Daddy.
 ^^^Carter got to feeling a bit better by the last morning,

 ^^^and Peter was really enjoying the great outdoors this time around.

Sunday morning, we had a little treat of M&Ms.  I told them that if they helped me group the colors, they could eat the end result.  Can you see the excitement?

 I got a picture with this little man, too.
I know I say it almost every time I write, but I love, love, love my little boys!


  1. WHA??? This is so incredibly adorable. Those surprised faces are my favorite! and those green long johns. LOVE those little boys, too!

  2. About the only thing that makes me as excited as Peter was in the last pictures is candy. He gets me. And you, by the way, look absolutely beautiful!


  3. Peter in the pictures with the candy. I swear that kiddo's facial expressions are amazing!