Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Cabin

We are spending our weekend here, with cooler temps, a stack of movies, books, morning coffee on the deck and lots of relaxing with the three crazies.

^^^Carter did have undies on.  And, a fever.  So, no more clothes than that.  Peter was digging a hole (hasn't put that spade down since we got here).

^^^the sunset
^^^an aspen
^^^and a pretty pinecone
^^^This morning we strolled a mile or so down to the coffee shop and let the boys get a "smoovie."  This guy was excited and drank more than the other two combined.
^^^I got the easy stroller.
^^^Peter goes nowhere without his two-sizes-too-big boots.
^^^our walk
^^^and one amazing daddy
^^^Peter's perch

A little bit of US Open here, college football there, and trips outside...we're enjoying the nothingness!


  1. Lovely - reminds me of our cabin in Mendocino. There's something naturally therapeutic about a forest.

  2. Looks like the perfect weekend! I love comparing the faces of Peter with the faces of John Paul. P is SO serious! I think he'll be a philosopher or something. Or maybe a hole digger since he liked the spade so much! :)