Tuesday, September 24, 2013


We had a fun surprise this weekend...Mimi and Pops came to visit!  There isn't anything quite like having grandparents close by - we all love it and the boys love the continuous play.

They brought an early birthday present for Peter so the boys could enjoy it before the weather got too cold...

^^^sometimes the box is the best part!

Mimi also brought a few pairs of new footed pajamas for the boys.  They have turned into their PJs, lounge wear and well, the only thing they keep on!  Comfort.

Long after Mimi and Pops had gone back home, the boys were still doing this...needless to say they have been "exacising" a lot!

I caught them laying down and looking at the sky...

Then it was a dog pile on Daddy...

^^^I am really going to miss these tiny feet one day.


  1. You are SUCH an amazing photographer! :) And love the pajamas. Too adorable!

  2. A trampoline??? Fun!!! Oh they're going to have a blast with that baby.

    I want some footed PJ's. That's on my winter wish list. :)


  3. Oh! Tiny feet....and the cute little shoes that are made for them (not that they're worn much!)