Thursday, September 12, 2013

Get Well

We have have had a few sicknesses/injuries in our family as of late.  Our sweet cousin Clare was diving for the ball in her high school volleyball game, and little did she know another teammate was diving for the same ball, landed on her and busted her arm.  Pretty painful I can imagine.  So, the boys and I tried to make things better. Sugar cookies to the rescue!
 ^^^made-from-scratch sugar cookies don't happen around here.
 ^^^Peter deciding it was more fun to use his spoon as a sword
 ^^^Carter the multi-tasker
 ^^^Once the cookies cooked and cooled, I wrote "Get Well" and the boys went to town with the cookie glitter.
^^^Here and there Peter had to take a break to have a lick.  They were so proud to give them to Clare.

Carter was our other sick one this week.  I mentioned it in a post last week, but it all started on Wednesday with 106 degree fever which would subside and then spike every three hours to about 103-104 degrees. That lasted for four days, and as the fever left, muscle pain set in.  Carter woke in the night several times saying his knees hurt, and then on Sunday, he would not climb stairs or do much walking.  What walking he did was on his tip toes.  I got worried and called our pediatrician and then started Googling things. Sometimes I feel that if I knew other moms like me, I would laugh.  I go to the doctor, get tons of tests run on Carter and then I'm not happy with the lack of answers.  So, with no medical background whatsoever, I research and research until I find what seems to fit the bill and self-diagnose.  This time, for once, it was correct.  Carter developed what they call benign acute childhood myositis.  I think it is fairly common, and he will get over it.  In fact, he already is walking better.  But, I was scared.  Every time something like this happens, I think "next time I won't go so crazy searching for answers and second-guessing everything." Then next time happens, and I'm back at it.  It's one of those things that you know is happening, yet you cannot/do not stop it.

All of that to say, he is better, and I am so relieved.  I never want anything to be wrong, but it seems I always have to have an explanation for anything out of the ordinary.  Sometimes, I've learned, there just isn't one!


  1. You guys are the sweetest people I know. I love that you made her "get well cookies." Perfect!


  2. Those boys are adorable in their undies :) So glad Carter is on the mend. I have never felt more helpless than when my boys have been sick-regardless of what the doctor says!