Monday, September 2, 2013

Tiffany the Great

By now, I'm sure you know I have an amazing friend Tiffany who (or it is whom) I adore.  The great thing is, my boys adore her, too.  Well, in the year before she turns thirty, she has written some incredible goals and things she wants to do before the big day. Here is one of her progress reports.

The boys were the lucky recipients of one of her gift goals.  On Friday afternoon, the day before the college football madness for us began, there was a big box for the boys in the mailbox.  Here is what was inside...
 ^^^and Aggie football just their size
 ^^^three OSU shirts and a precious note
 ^^^the makings for an afternoon of fun football watching: popcorn, m&ms, starburst and...
^^^ balloons!

The boys were thrilled!
The balloons continue to keep them entertained.

As much as I hate to admit this (that the hair raises on the back of my neck when someone makes fun of A&M in any way), I'm pretty partial to my Aggies.  Yes, I realize the QB has done some questionable things (and I might not like him so much if he played for another team).  Even if I know we have not-so-much hope for a season, I'm behind them.  And, I sure don't want to hear any negative comments about them.  I kind of get a little upset about it.

All that said, we're no longer in the Big 12.  So, I guess the boys can pick another team in that conference to root for.  Jeremy went to OU for grad school, but isn't that tied to them.  In comes Tiffany.  She has given the boys a new team to cheer on this season!

Thanks for letting us be part of your 29th year in such a special way.  We love you!  Go Pokes :)


  1. This just made my whole day. I'm so glad that they liked the box of goodies (and that you stole some of the popcorn and M&Ms!) You guys are just the best!


  2. Love it!! Tiffany is toooooo good. Seriously. How does she think of this stuff?


  3. This blog is so aptly titled!! Is she not the best?? Tiff, I LOVE that note and you are unbelievably thoughtful!! Those boys look really good in Cowboy gear. Better as leprechans, but good in Cowboy gear.