Sunday, September 29, 2013

Boys, Bugs and Boxes

The boys (well, two of them) woke up a little grumpy from their naps the other day.  Scratch that.  I remember now, they didn't sleep at all.  Instead, Carter piled all the toys in Peter's bed, then Peter lost his "neigh-neigh" (a horse cuddle blanket), and finally Carter pulled teeny tiny nails from an antique post card box I had sitting on their desk and dropped them in a vacant screw hole in Peter's bed and came to tell me (brag) about it.  After that, I cancelled naps for the day, and we (Elley was over) decided to take them on a bug hunting adventure in the yard.  

 ^^^When you don't really have bug collecting gear, any kitchen item will do.
 ^^^a praying mantis

 ^^^letting Elley do the dirty work

 ^^^a few games of tag in between captures.
 ^^^John Paul had been captured, too.
 ^^^Sadly, the praying mantis started eating the cicada and sphinx moth, and they were let loose!
 ^^^Look closely.  The praying mantis made his way over to Peter, and Peter was not amused.  But I was.

Near the end of bug time, the UPS (wo)man came, and gave us another thirty minutes of distraction.
 ^^^See anything?

 ^^^Peter thought he did and was pushed off by that magic hand.

 ^^^Not to be outdone, Peter decided to jump on the box and its inhabitant.  Needless to say, that game ended quickly.

^^^John Paul's turn.

Boys will be boys?  Some days I have a hard time remembering that (especially when nails are involved)!


  1. I love the photo of Peter and the praying mantis! :) Ha, ha. These are all such great pics. You make being a mom seem like SO much fun!!! :)

  2. Haha...they're so cute! Poor sweet Peter's face describes how I feel about bugs too! And how much fun is Elly? Seriously, she's just adorable! You guys are the most fun!


  3. I am cracking up reading this at the dentist office!! I love those pictures!! Oh, what sweet boys-- so funny:)

  4. They are soooooo cute!! And I agree with Nicole - you make being a mom look like a blast. I hope I'm half as fun as you are!


  5. There's nothing better than a box for playing with. John Paul's really starting to resemble Peter.