Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cookies, Kids and The Doctor

Earlier this week, my sweet aunt and cousin brought the boys these (my kids might be a bit spoiled)...
 Carter wanted the alligator and Peter wanted the "moo" - away they went with the destruction...

^^^once again, the boys have two very different styles of eating.

^^^one without a crumb on his face, the other with a face full of crumbs, but equally happy!

Then, yesterday we had to take Carter to the doctor.  He was perfect that morning and at lunch.  Then he went outside for about thirty minutes and came in lethargic with bright red lips and ears, saying he just wanted to sleep (not normal!)  He had a little over a 105 degree fever, and once again, like with Peter's a few months ago, we really have no clue why.  He had a urine test, chest x-rays, strep test and a blood draw (he did not even cry!!).  He might have bronchitis, but not with certainty.  So, antibiotics and breathing treatments for a week.  Sometimes the not knowing is a killer.

Peter's med update - he's allergic to milk.  Let's hope he grows out of that one!

On a lighter note, a few of the kid quips...

Peter and John Paul had two of my make-up brushes.  Peter wanted John Paul's, so he tossed him the one he had and then jerked John Paul's out of his hand.  When I caught him, Peter said, "JahPah, niiigh (nice), share" nodding his head up and down!  I don't think he gets that forced sharing isn't very nice.

While eating lunch this week, Carter was sitting on his stool kicking his legs on the island.  I asked him a couple of times to stop and then asked him to quit kicking the wall.  His response: "It's not a wall, Momma. Dat's a wall, and dat's a ceiling (pointing to both)."

Carter was playing with his train set and it derailed.  He got in a bit of a panic and yelled, "Whadda da heck?"

After I took him to the doctor yesterday and he had been through everything, "I just love you Momma. Tank you so much for taking me to the doctor.  Dis is a real nice place."  I think I would have been mad for days.

Recently Carter has had a bit too much time with the iPad (we go in waves).  When he woke up from a particular nap, this was our conversation:
Carter: Momma, where's da iPad.
Me: I don't know.
(repeat 6 times)
Carter: Tell me da twoof!
Me:  On the counter.  (dang it!)

Have a great one!


  1. Haha Cecilia keeps taking things from John Paul or the twins and then saying, "Dat was GOOD shawing!"

    Yeah, THEY shared with you, you didn't share with them!!! She definitely doesn't understand the concept...

  2. This is my favorite blog post of all time. My favorite things all together- your kids, cookies, your blog.

  3. And "Whadda da heck?" is my new favorite phrase.

  4. haha! I love the tell me da Twoof! It's only a matter of time when my ability to distract Joseph is going go come down to him askign for da twoof.

    Prayers for your sweet boys and the allergies. Let me know if you need anything. Joseph can't tolerate milk or soy, so we do rice milk and he loves it. I do miss cooking with cheese but you get used to it and if you really want there are alternatives.

  5. Poor kiddo! Get better soon! Love the cookie photos!

  6. Quite sure these pictures are why Peter and I are little kindred spirits!! I am so sorry they have been feeling bad! Bless their hearts!

  7. I love Peter's method of approach to a cookie. Go big or go home.

    I hope they start feeling better soon.


  8. "Tell me da twoof" That's a definite family classic! And oh my, I sure hope Peter grows out of his allergy to milk - there are too many good things in the world with milk in them.