Friday, June 21, 2013

Seven Quick Takes...

It's Friday and time for...

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 222)

Linking up with Jen today!

1.  Take a look at this gem ;)  I was trying to get Carter to tell His aunt RoRo about his birthday...we got a little sidetracked.

2.  We found a large field mouse/rat in our yard.  Alive.  I think I mentioned before that I hate rodents and reptiles.  Well, I really really hate mice.  He is no longer alive, and a friend of his was dead on our doorstep the next morning, too.  What is going on here?  I think every creature is affected by the drought and is looking for food?  Maybe?  Whatever it is, I hope they find it soon and return home.

3.  This will be part of our view soon.  

...a family vacation with Jeremy's family.  We can't wait to get there and enjoy some beautiful scenery, relaxing and sun!

4.  So, I just signed up with Instagram.  And, I have no clue what I'm doing.  Really, I know it can't be that difficult, but I'm a bit in the dark.

5.  This post is boooor-ing.  Maybe I should stop at 5.

6.  Nope.  Here's another: How beautiful is this from Verily's feed yesterday...

7.  Why not end with a fun blog post (hilarious!) and a picture of one of the crazy kids:

Trying to run up the hill while not being attacked by the sprinkler.  Too big boots might not help.

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And have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mom Confessions...

I was looking through some "old" pictures the other day and trying to find one of each of the boys at six months.  I did, and I realized something.

While I believe all my boys are precious (what mom doesn't?), I realized I was a bit blind, shall we say.  When I had Carter (and then when I had Peter, and finally John Paul), I would walk through the grocery store with him or have him at Church, assuming all eyes were on him and waiting for the next "that is the cutest kid" comment.  Seriously, I thought Gerber should call.

With Carter, many people would comment on the size of his head.  Yes, I knew it was large, but it wasn't that large. "Charlie Brown?"  "Oh my gosh, look at that head, hehehe."    Come on, people.  They were just jealous they he wasn't theirs.

Well, fast forward to this week as I'm looking through pictures...

okay, I admit, his head was rather large.  I see it now.  And, I still love it :)

The other boys-who-could-earn-the-cutest-baby-title at six months...

John Paul...

Chunky, big-headed, I love them all :)

Another Day of Fun...

Carter has it made.  Not only did his Mimi and Pops come to his birthday in Clayton, they had a little party in Amarillo for him too!  He got to play with his sweet cousins and enjoy some delicious cupcakes.

Mimi and Pops even set him up with some outdoor adventure tools:  this kid has been trying to catch bugs since we got home.

Being three is fun!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Five Favorites...

It's Wednesday and I'm linking up with Hallie again for...
Five Favorites, hosted at

1.  Have you seen this?

Check out their mission and purpose.  How neat is that?  Not only can you buy fun things, you can help send someone to school while doing so!  Win/win.

2.  If you have not tried these, you are truly missing out:

Might be better than the real thing, campfire style!

3.  This Blog.  Isn't it beautiful?  Isn't the design amazing?  So fresh and happy.

4. This stationary.  It was a Mother's Day give from my sweet husband.

I just love letterpress!

5.  I have seen these Keen shoes on a lot of people.  I didn't ever think they were "me."  However, they looked so comfortable, so I decided to try a pair.  Comfortable, they are!  I am sold :)

Head on over to Moxie Wife for more favorites and have a great day!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Big Three...

Three years old!  Hard to believe (really, any passing of time with the babies is hard for me to grasp).  Carter has been into a ton of boy things all of his life...trucks, tools, farm equipment, and firemen!  So, for his third birthday, Jeremy made a call to the local fire station and asked if we could get a tour.

First we needed a few mini-cinis!

and a through-the-years birthday poster (something Mom did for us every year)...

 His new train set was up and waiting for him...

That afternoon, we were off to the fire house!

getting to be a little much...

We had a bunch of cousins and friends over and aunts and uncles, too!  It was great.

Poor little Carter might be a touch like his Mama...introverted but wanting to be extroverted at times.  On our way from the fire station (where the party started) home (where we had pizza and cake waiting), he got sick.  God bless him.  Then when he got to the house, he played alone in the corner of the front porch for awhile.  A little overwhelmed.

Life got better and he enjoyed parts of the party.  Especially the balloons and Gramma's cake (made especially for Carter's special occasions).

Carter at three is a firecracker.  He loves life, waking up at the crack of dawn with a smile on his face and his one-volume voice ready to face the day after a little milk.  His 34 pound, 40 inch frame is busy every waking minute, and he loves working with the guys, playing with trains, trying to convince Peter to stay by his side, eating candy, reading, being outside, and talking.  Boy does he love talking!  It seems like he went from no talking to having full conversations.  This morning he skinned his knee and this is how the conversation went (between sobs):

"Mommy, I dot hurt!  I need a bandaid!!"
What hurts?
"My knee!!"
I see little scratches.
"Oh Mama, I did fall on the concrete and skinned my knee.  And, Peter, he needs to go inside.  I need a bandaid to feel better.  Oh!  My elbow is hurt too.  WAHHHH."
I got the bandaid and everything was fixed.
"Ok, let's go inside.  I am finished with outside.  Peter and I will come inside and watch a movie.  Ahh, this is the life."

Every day, even when I am screaming inside or wanting to yell "Didn't I JUST tell you not to do that?" is a blessing.  These boys light up my life, and I am so thankful to be their mama.  Thank you God for such a gift!  Here's to a new year of growing with Carter and learning more about life through the eyes of a child!