Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend on the Ranch...

Saturday night we went to Mass.  Then our sweet aunt and uncle took us all out to eat.  While there, some men in motorcycle attire walked in.  Before I could grab Carter, he jumped up, ran over to them and said, "HEY!  Do you duys wide motocycles???"  When they said yes, he then asked, "Da owange and black kind??"  No, ours are red and black.  "OHHHH...well dat's neat."  Never at a loss for words, that kid.

 So, when we returned home, it was a little darker than normal when Jeremy went to feed Knute and Salty.  As he walked past out little apartment, he found this...

Dad told him that he doesn't like to kill bull snakes, so guess what we did (much to my opposition)?  We.let.him.go.  Seriously????

Our garden is taking off, finally!  We've been enjoying some oregano...

and cilantro.

And the hummingbird has loved this...

 Finally flowers in our flower garden too...

 I'm loving it :)

Look at all these boys.  On Sundays life is pretty laid back around here, and we like to have a lot of snacks.

especially fruit!

It was a great weekend and looks to be an even better week.  C-man turns the big three tomorrow!


  1. Love the photo journal. It looks like Peter is back to normal, gracias a Dios. What are the purple flowers - they look like they might be agastache which I SO want to grow but haven't been able to anywhere that I've lived (yet). All your plants look so healthy and happy (just like your kids)!

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